DTEN Expands Videoconferencing Portfolio with Small Room Solution

Published: January 11, 2024

DTEN, the San Jose, Calif.-based provider of collaboration solutions, expands its product lineup with the new DTEN Bar and DTEN Mate. The videoconferencing solution is designed for small meeting spaces and for use with any display.

The Small Room Solution consists of the DTEN Bar, an all-in-one videoconferencing solution paired with the DTEN Mate, the tabletop meeting controller. It boasts AI-powered audiovisuals, ease of deployment, use, management and flexibility to meet the needs of various room configurations with a center camera that can be mounted horizontally or vertically, says the company.

Catering to rooms up to 15ft x 15ft (4.5m x 4.5m) and accommodating up to seven participants, the DTEN small room solution transforms small meeting spaces into collaborative environments. This solution is BYOD capable, certified for Zoom Rooms with certification for Microsoft Teams expected in early 2024.

According to Wei Liu, Founder and CEO of DTEN, Crafted for Zoom Rooms, BYOD, and eventually Microsoft Teams Rooms, the DTEN Small Room Solution elevates hybrid video meeting experiences with high-performing AI enhanced audio, video and presentation-ready features. It’s a comprehensive solution for the diverse needs of modern collaborative environments.”

According to Maureen Tassin, Director of IT and Customer Service at St. Tammany Health System, a DTEN customer, says, “We chose DTEN because the DTEN Bar solution is multi-platform plus BYOD, flexible with the ability to vertically mount the device making it ideal for many different room types and affordable for its class of higher quality solutions.”

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DTEN Small Room Solution Features

Key features of DTEN’s Small Room Solution include:

  • Versatile mounting options: DTEN Bar offers mounting configurations – horizontally, above or below a single display, or vertically between two displays. Its ability to flip vertically with the same aspect ratio ensures true eye-to-eye level meeting experiences while allowing seamless sharing of both people and content in the same meeting.
  • AI technology: the DTEN Bar relies on proprietary algorithms to analyze body contours and movement patterns to differentiate humans from other objects and backgrounds, which is essential for people counting, movement tracking and security. DTEN Audio AI ensures noise suppression and acoustic echo cancellation for noise-free communications.
  • Enhanced camera system and high-quality audio: the DTEN Bar features an AI-powered 4K camera system that can be flipped 360 degrees, a 12-microphone array, front-facing 15W stereo speakers (30W output), built-in video meeting software and dual-display support.
  • Seamless content sharing: made for professional presentations and easy content sharing, the DTEN Small Room Solution includes the DTEN BYOD cable. Fully tested to work with the DTEN Bar, this 6ft (1.8m) USB Type-C cable enables full-function, two-way BYOD with 65W charging capability at the tabletop for hassle free use.
  • Intuitive control at your fingertips: accessible at the tabletop through the DTEN Mate, meeting room controls provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for all participants.
  • Extensibility and future-proofing: the DTEN Small Room Solution, featuring the new DTEN Bar and DTEN Mate Room Controller is quick to set up with easy extensibility for growing businesses. It will support the DTEN Vue series of smart AI cameras for enhanced viewer immersion and video coverage for medium and larger conference rooms, expected in early 2024.

The DTEN Small Room Solution with the DTEN Bar and DTEN Mate is available today.

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