Electrosonic and HOLOPLOT Enter Global Strategic Partnership

Published: September 28, 2022

Electrosonic, the Orlanda, Fla.-based experiential technology company, announced a new strategic partnership with Berlin-based pro audio company HOLOPLOT to create revolutionary immersive audio environments in experiential spaces around the globe.

Together, HOLOPLOT’s audio technology will combine with Electrosonic’s history of using technology to create world-class experiences to create a unique design, build and support offering that further enhances Electrosonic’s ability to create immersive environments, a statement expands.

HOLOPLOT’s X1 product line has brought an entirely new category of sound system to the table. According to the company, this grants users a previously impossible level of control over sound.

HOLOPLOT says its technology also provides a broad range of practical and creative capabilities. This includes solving challenging acoustics in complex environments and adding stunning authenticity and depth to immersive spaces.

“Partnerships with companies as well regarded as Electrosonic are vital to the continued international growth of HOLOPLOT and the fulfillment of our mission to push the boundaries of what is possible with professional audio,” says Ryan Penny, head of sales at HOLOPLOT.

He continues, “Their experience providing the right technology and services for complex audiovisual deployments makes them a perfect match for HOLOPLOT as we develop our hardware and software to solve otherwise unsolvable challenges for partners worldwide.”

Building on an Established Partnership

By deploying previously inaccessible capabilities to the world of audio, Electrosonic and HOLOPLOT are working together to create rich, immersive experiences for visitors of all ages at entertainment and attraction venues.

Previously, the two companies cooperated on the build-out of Illuminarium, a next-generation immersive entertainment venue, along with other partners. Illuminarium received recognition throughout the industry as a ground-breaking entertainment venue.

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According to a statement, the Illuminarium emerged as a finalist for five AV Awards. Some of these comprise Venue Project of the Year and Events and Entertainment Project of the Year. Illuminarium was also previously recognized by the Mondo-DR and Digital Signage Awards.

“HOLOPLOT’s revolutionary technology combined with our experience delivering immersive environments creates a unique advantage in the industry,” adds Ryan Poe, director of technology solutions at Electrosonic. “When we work together, our combined expertise will provide unique and memorable experiences for any guest.”

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