Extron Announces Audio DSPs, Amplifiers, and Speakers Certified for Zoom Rooms

Published: September 27, 2022

Anaheim, Calif.-based Extron announced that several of its audio processors, amplifiers and speakers are now certified for Zoom Rooms. The company has worked together with hardware solutions partners, such as Sennheiser, to develop solutions that deliver optimal user experience regardless of room type.

According to Extron, the products in the Zoom Rooms Certified Design Solutions have been designed and meticulously tested for best-in-class performance and ease of use.

“We are well known for our industry-leading Extron Control for Zoom Rooms – Native Room Controls,” says Casey Hall, vice president of worldwide sales and marketing at Extron. “These newly certified products enable the deployment of award-winning Extron audio technology in workspaces across the enterprise.”

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Extron Products Certified for Zoom Rooms:

  • DMP 64 Plus Series Digital Audio Matrix Processors
  • DMP 128 Plus Series Digital Audio Matrix Processors
  • XPA U 1002 Power Amplifiers
  • XPA U 1004 SB Power Amplifiers
  • SF 3CT LP and SF 3C LP Ceiling Speakers

All of the complete certified designs, featured solutions, and detailed information on the individual products they include are available on the Extron website.

With Extron control for Zoom Rooms, a single user interface is all users need to control every conferencing, audiovisual and room function. Together, Extron and its partners deliver complete AV and conferencing control across the enterprise.

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