Extron NBP 1200C Network Button Panel Provides Room Control with Cable Cubby Convenience

Published: 2019-08-26

Extron recently introduced the NBP 1200C furniture-mountable cable cubby enclosure with a network button panel integrated into the lid.

The NBP 1200C “combines intuitive AV control, connectivity and power and works with all Extron Pro Series control systems and HC 400 Series products,” according to the company press release.

It also works with a control processor to perform several AV system functions such as display on/off, input switching, volume control and more. The flip-up button panel has 10 customizable, soft-touch buttons that are backlit for easy operation in low-light environments.

The NBP 1200C enables integrators to deploy a furniture-mountable network button panel with cable management and access to AV connectivity and power.

“Our family of network button panels continues to grow and this new NBP 1200C fulfills requests from customers for a furniture-mounted cable cubby version,” said Casey Hall, VP of sales and marketing for Extron in the company announcement.

“This NBP is the perfect choice for applications requiring discreetly-mounted AV control that also offers convenient AV data and power connections,” he said.

Customize Your NBP 1200C

The NBP 1200C can be customized using the Cable Cubby Builder, an interactive tool that guides users through the process of selecting AC power modules, AV connectivity, cables, and installation accessories.

As you build your cable cubby, a bill of materials is prepared automatically. When you’re finished, the -Builder allows you to review your cable cubby and make any last-minute changes before placing your order. Please note that a dealer login is required for this tool.

Extron recently introduced TouchLink Pro control systems, which company officials call “complete AV control solutions that combine a TouchLink Pro touchpanel with an integrated IP Link Pro control processor.”

“This all‑in‑one approach streamlines system designs by consolidating essential control system components, freeing up space and easing integration,” according to the Extron press release.

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