Gibson Names Slash Brand Ambassador

Published: November 8, 2017

Gibson is an iconic music brand. Slash is an iconic rocker, known for his presence in Guns N’ Roses. Making history, the iconic brand has named Slash brand ambassador, a first for the company and the guitarist. [related]

Combating a competitive market, the Nashville-based music and electronics company recently put its Memphis factory up for sale to help facilitate a move to a smaller location, which followed the announcement of its 2018 guitar model line-up.

In a move to help revitalize its properties, which include KRK Systems, Cerwin Vega, Neat, Cakewalk, Onkyo and Stanton, Gibson says that Slash, “embodies our values of quality, prestige and innovation, and [he] has brought the indelible sound and style of Gibson guitars to new heights of popularity and recognition over the last 30 years.”

Slash says he is honored that a company with so much history would recognize him in that manner.

“Being called the first global ambassador for a company as iconic as Gibson is a really humbling, flattering, kind of distinction,” states Slash.

“A Les Paul sound is something I’ve always been drawn to since I first started. The real connection comes from a guitar that you can communicate through … that seems to be a good conduit for doing what it is that you are trying to do musically.”

Slash Brand Ambassador Brings More Announcements

Gibson says it has collaborated with Slash to announce the new limited edition Custom Slash Anaconda Burst Les Pauls.

Each of these new guitars offer the company’s exclusive Anaconda Burst finish, historic Les Paul construction methods, and proprietary Slash features such as his custom neck profile, as well as his signature humbucking pickups and Sprague Orange Drop capacitors.

The Anaconda Burst finish Slash Les Pauls are available in flame top and plain top models, and Gibson says signed and unsigned models in both versions will also be available.

In addition, Gibson is offering a Slash 1958 “First Standard” #8 3096 replica Les Paul.

Gibson says the goal with the Slash 1958 First Standard was to capture the magic, vibe and history of Les Paul #8-3096 with a limited run of replica models.

Utilizing its Custom Shop team, the guitar maker recreated the exact finish checking, wear and corrosion of the original, as well as the guitar’s neck dimensions, color and construction.

“Mind blowing. I couldn’t have possibly wanted more,” comments Slash.

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