GPO Display Offers Wall Calibrator Tool for LCD Videowalls

The Wall Calibrator provides an easy and user-friendly solution for maintaining consistent color and brightness across all displays in a videowall.

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GPO Display, provider of cutting-edge commercial display technology, has launched the Wall Calibrator (AutoCALI) software. Per a statement, the software is a powerful new tool designed for use with the affordable SpyderX Pro color analyzer from Datacolor. This pairing allows for quick and efficient color and brightness calibration of GPO Display’s NEX-series videowall displays. As a result, it ensures optimal visual performance and uniformity, the company states.

GPO Display spotlights its commitment to delivering top-quality LCD videowall displays meticulously calibrated for color accuracy before shipment. However, the need for fine-tuning can arise when displays are integrated with additional cabling and headend equipment during installation. The Wall Calibrator software thus addresses this challenge by providing an easy and user-friendly solution for maintaining consistent color and brightness across all displays in a videowall.

Key Features

Key features of the Wall Calibrator (AutoCALI) software include the following:

  • Multi-Point Color and Luminance measurements: The software allows users to measure color coordinates and luminance quickly and accurately at various points on individual displays.
  • Array Target Values: Wall Calibrator automatically translates users’ color and brightness measurements into array target values. This makes the calibration process straightforward and efficient.
  • User-Friendly Calibration: GPO Display says it has made the calibration process as simple as possible. Users only need to position their SpyderX Pro analyzer at the calibration points on the displays and click a button. Thus, it eliminates the need for complex adjustments on the front end. Users can also make fine-tune adjustments following auto-calibration.

This software is especially valuable when an individual display in a videowall is replaced after several years, GPO Display says. The reason being that it helps bridge the gap between the new display and aging displays; thus preventing brightness mismatches and ensuring a uniform viewing experience.

“At GPO Display, we are committed to delivering high-quality video wall displays and ensuring that our customers have the tools they need to maintain optimal performance,” remarks Sean Driscoll, VP of sales at GPO Display. “The Wall Calibrator software, in conjunction with the SpyderX Pro color analyzer, streamlines the calibration process; and empowers our customers to achieve consistent, stunning visuals on their video walls.”

Per a statement, the GPO Display Wall Calibrator (AutoCALI) software comes with Datacolor’s SpyderX Pro color analyzer when purchased from GPO Display. This software + hardware color calibration package is part of all Video Wall Bundles from GPO Display.

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