HARMAN Shows Some Love for AMX at InfoComm

Published: 2014-06-18

Early this morning at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the HARMAN Press Conference kicked off Day 1 of InfoComm 2014.

Just as we might have guessed, the focus was on the company’s recent acquisition of AMX.

In front of seated press and standing crowds of exhibitors and attendees, Blake Augsburger, Executive Vice President of HARMAN International and President of the Professional Division, and Rashid Skaf, President and CEO at AMX, took the stand.

“HARMAN is focused on efficiency, best cost resources, developing employees, and differentiation through innovation,” says Augsburger, providing a bit of background on the company’s goals.


So why AMX?

“First off, [the acquisition] gives us a bigger share of the install market,” Augsburger continues. “It improves our position in education and government installations. It also gives us a really big entry into video. It aligns with our total AV strategy.”

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But what exactly is HARMAN’s AV strategy? Augsburger explains that the natural progression for the company, a longtime audio pro, is to grow toward total AV services—next generation solutions that arise from innovation and expertise.

“Our end goal is for the contractor to save money in the design and installation process,” says Augsburger. “We believe we can offer a one-stop service.”

This is not a fixer upper acquisition. Answering a question about whether or not AMX stay in Dallas, Texas, Augsburger says yes, that HARMAN bought the business to grow the business. He calls it a “1 + 1 = 3” phenomenon, expecting both companies to grow immensely from the acquisition.

But more specifically, what does AMX have to offer HARMAN?

“[AMX has] a very strong team, and strong technical capabilities,” adds Augsburger. “They have a very deep software switching and signal routing expertise. There is an opportunity to cross into vertical markets, which we each operate in. We will also be able to expand into emerging markets, and grow in countries like Brazil, India, and China.”

Then Rashid Skaf, President and CEO at AMX, took the floor.

“AMX focuses on a set of solutions, like meeting room control, video distribution, digital signage, and content management,” says Skaf. “And because each one of these product sections are independent—it can work on its own—the real value is bringing them all together into one ecosystem. Now, with the HARMAN acquisition, this is possible.”

AMX has a presence in 12 vertical markets, but Skaf says its focus is largely on government, education, and corporate.

The company also has a presence in over 100 countries, the largest being in the United States, countries in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. With HARMAN, it is hoping to expand into areas like China, India, and Russia.

Overall, we can expect AMX to bring about a brand new HARMAN experience in the years to come.

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