Holosonics Introduces X-Series Audio Spotlight Directional Sound Tech

Published: 2021-10-13

Audio solutions manufacturer Holosonics has introduced its X-Series Audio Spotlight, what the company calls its next generation of touchless directional sound technology that can double audio output levels compared to the company’s legacy directional speakers.

According to the company, the X-Series enables listeners in more environments to hear sounds and a wider range of lower frequencies more clearly with improved overall sound quality.

The X-Series Audio Spotlight is available in three different models — AS-168iX, AS-16iX, and AS-24iX – all of which feature built-in amplification and real-time signal processing, balanced and unbalanced audio inputs, on-board playback via microSD, flexible VESA 100mm mounting inserts and more.

According to Holosonics, the “X-Series Audio Spotlight creates a tight, narrow beam of sound that can be controlled with the same precision as light to deliver all of the sound and none of the noise.”

The X-Series Audio Spotlight can aim sound at a desired listening area via patented technology that creates a beam of ultrasound to deliver audio that the company says is 10 times more isolated than sound produced by any other speaker in the marketplace.

No changes were made to the speakers’ aesthetics, but “everything behind each speaker’s cover” was completely redesigned, the company says.

The speakers can be customized to include motion-detected audio playback and/or Bluetooth audio streaming for touch-free sound applications, including museums, galleries, exhibits, kiosks, digital signage, retail displays and OOH advertising, Holosonics says.

In a statement, Holosonics founder and CEO Dr. F. Joseph Pompei said the new launch was driven by relationships with the company’s customers who demanded a more powerful directional sound speaker.

“As Holosonics continues developing techniques to bolster our award-winning suite of products, we are very pleased to unveil this enhanced technology to the world, and to make it available to our valued customers without any increase in the price of our speakers,” he said.

The X-Series Audio Spotlight will be on display at Holosonic’s InfoComm booth, #5447.

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