IMCCA Collaboration Webcast Replaces Collaboration Week New York In-Person Event

Published: February 3, 2021
Photo courtesy of IMCCA.

IMCCA, a non-profit industry association for unified communication and collaboration (UCC), is hosting a webcast on Feb. 24 at 11 a.m. ET to discuss “how the COVID-19 pandemic has been the catalyst for a permanent change in how organizations and individuals will work and collaborate going forward.”

The “IMCCA Collaboration Week: A Whole New World” webcast, in lieu of the originally planned UC Week New York, will include three panel discussions by industry experts offering insights into what this new world will be like.

Part one will be how we arrived at where we are, and what the data shows that organizations are doing.

Part two will be all about the “new office” – a space where group work and collaboration are the predominant activity, and the majority of desks, offices and workstations will be for people who have dropped-by to participate in that group work.

Part three will be a detailed analysis of the new home office for the full time or part time remote worker – now known as hybrid working. It will detail what will go into the technology and set-up to make that experience successful.

Collaboration Week, IMCCA Collaboration Thanksgiving

Inside the IMCCA Collaboration Week Webcast

“It is clear to everyone at this point that the pandemic forced even the most traditional organizations to admit that remote working works,” said IMCCA executive director Carol Zelkin in the association announcement.

“Organizations and individuals are already making significant changes to the way they work. Our Collaboration Week: A Whole New World Webcast will detail these changes and enlighten the viewers about how to prepare to be successful in this new future,” she said.

The “Collaboration Week: A Whole New World” webcast will be emceed by Zelkin and IMCCA’s David Danto. Discussion presenters and moderators will include Metrigy’s Irwin Lazar, Shen, Milsom & Wilke’s Mark Peterson and Recon Research’s Ira Weinstein.

Registrants will be sent a personalized link to join and will be eligible to win prizes in a random drawing, including a new Poly Studio P5 Kit.

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