Boosting Your Audiovisual Marketing to Capture New Business

Published: July 7, 2020

As AV companies shift their offerings to reflect a new reality, how can they amplify their brands to position themselves for growth? In a recent InfoComm 2020 Connected panel moderated by multimedia journalist Alesia Hendley, guests from the event production and experience design spaces will share knowledge on their top strategies for audiovisual marketing and boosting your brand.

One strategy that is a must when it comes to branding your AV company: Will Curran, Endless Events

Right now, many are clamoring to learn more. With all this content we produce, should we give away information? Yes! The people out there educating right now are the ones gaining leads. They’re the ones who will be remembered after people needed them.

Steven Picanza, Latin & Code

People ask me if I’m “hacking the LinkedIn algorithm” because they always see my posts on LinkedIn. The reality is we have to give, give, give in order to get… just not in a spammy way.

To push out great content, a brand has to understand their positioning: what problem do you solve, who do you serve, and what do your solutions look like? We need to learn to stay in our lane in terms of our ethos and our “true North.”

Where do you start with a brand strategy: Picanza

If you don’t know your audience is, you can’t form a business strategy, a sales strategy, or a brand strategy. Business strategies should be all-encompassing of those things.

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