Incoming President: There Is a Groundswell of Enthusiasm for NSCA

Published: 2016-07-05

Kelly McCarthy, president and CEO at Genesis Integration, has assumed the role of NSCA president. Here’s what he told CI about how he views his and NSCA’s unique opportunity:

NSCA is on the cusp of something big, at least according to president-elect Kelly McCarthy.

The CEO of Edmonton, Alberta-based Genesis Integration is poised to take office after current president Michael Hester ends his two-year term and enters retirement (if you need to reach me, “I’ll be on my boat,” Hester quipped to AVNation’s Tim Albright during an AVWeek podcast recording at NSCA’s 2016 Business & Leadership Conference).

McCarthy, a current NSCA board member, says it’s an opportune time to become president. “I feel a groundswell of people who are saying these guys [NSCA] are here to help us, help us transform our business, we’ve got to get a bit more involved in this.”


NSCA executive director Chuck Wilson has been a “steady force” that has shaped NSCA’s brand identity, according to McCarthy. “He has such a clear idea of service to the industry so that helps the organization stay centered, stay focused.”

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McCarthy contends that NSCA’s focus on the integration channel is unique and that’s why it’s on the cusp of something big.

“NSCA is our organization,” he says.”All we do is try to help the integrators, try to figure out how to make them more money, how to be successful, how to transition.”

During his presidency, McCarthy aims to tap into that perceived groundswell of enthusiasm for NCSA. “If there is one thing that I’d love to be able to have done when I’m finished with this two years, [it’s] a higher level of awareness about the fact that NSCA belongs to them [integration channel] and that their participation is what’s pivotal in making that happen.”

More members and more participation by members, McCarthy says, would allow the organization to give back even more. “That would create a flywheel effect and it would just take off.”

During NSCA’s 18th annual BLC, February 25-27 in Dallas, McCarthy talked about becoming NSCA president:

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