INFiLED Debuts CBSF Technology At LDI Show in Las Vegas

INFiLED says it has set a new benchmark for color performance in xR/VP market with its color & brightness shift free (CBSF) technology.

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INFiLED Debuts CBSF Technology At LDI Show in Las Vegas

The conventional LED display (L). The display with CBSF technology integrated (R). Photo courtesy INFiLED.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on November 22, 2023 and has been recently updated with additional information.

Global LED manufacturer INFiLED recently launched a new CBSF technology (Color & Brightness Shift Free). This, the company says, marks a significant leap in the extended reality (xR)/virtual production (VP) market. The company will unveil the new technology at the LDI Show in Las Vegas on December 3-5.

Traditional LED chips used in the xR/VP market often fall short of accurate color reproduction due to technical limitations. These, of course, include color shifts in the vertical and horizontal viewing angles and uneven brightness. This leads to more time and labor costs in post-processing. CBSF technology, powered by the M2 chip with chip-type LED five-sided emitting capability, aims to eliminate these issues. Accordingly, this results in a superior display experience that is free from reflective spots or moiré patterns.

CBSF Technology for Color Shift Free Displays

Often, the common layout of SMD RGB chips results in a blueish or reddish hue when viewed from a wide angle. However, CBSF technology resolves this issue. It does so by harmonizing the RGB among all pixels and between adjacent pixels. This, of course, results in consistent and stable color temperature across a wide, 160-degree viewing angle. CBSF technology ensures a color shift free display, the company says. This allows vibrant and accurate colors to be presented in all conditions.

Color shift free display

Conventional LED Display on left vs. a display with CBSF technology on the right. Photo courtesy of INFiLED .

Brightness Stability

When deviating from the optimal viewing angle, the image may appear darker, while CBSF technology solves the problem of inconsistent brightness under different filming angles and greatly reduces the work for repeated adjustments to brightness during the recording process.

High Contrast and Anti-Glare

To achieve better anti-glare performance, the M2 chip utilizes a special surface treatment process for the LEDs. This addresses concerns of inconsistent LED surface reflection and coloring, thereby producing a more uniform and softer display, says the company. It reduces the mirror reflection effect of the light-emitting surface, resulting in the best visual effect for virtual production applications.

Soldering Stability

To improve the durability and stability of the LEDs, M2 uses a chip-type package with double the number of pins compared to conventional LEDs. The incorporation of an 8-pin design and an increased soldering area by 2.5 times strengthens the shearing force by four times, significantly improving the LEDs’ stability and shielding them against external chemical contamination, says the company.

CBSF Technology and its Energy-Saving Design

CBSF technology from INFiLED also boasts energy-saving efficiency. The Cold LED technology achieves a 30% reduction in power consumption and a significant reduction in screen temperature compared to conventional products, all while maintaining an equivalent level of brightness, the company says.

This achievement represents more than just an advancement in energy-saving performance; it signifies a pivotal shift towards sustainable practices in the industry. As the xR/VP market continues to expand, NFiLED says it will continue to dedicate to driving xR forward through advanced technology.

INFiLED at the LDI Show

INFiLED’s LDI booth #993 will feature a fully immersive xR area, products geared towards the live events market, as well as a daily roundtable discussion about the newest developments in xR/VP technology. Attendees will hear from industry leaders from INFiLED, Brompton and VIVE Mars on how virtual production is transforming the way filmmakers approach pre-production and post-production.

“We’re excited to showcase our product innovations at LDI. You can look forward to seeing a full xR/VP stage outfitted integrated with our new M2 chip in products like our DB1.95 and X1.95mk2 with CBSF technology. INFiLED has tackled common color reproduction challenges by creating and integrating our new chip set into our xR solutions. Gone are the issues of flickering, and color inconsistencies, CBSF ensures wide-angle shots are seamless. Please stop by our booth for a tour,” says Henry Ambrose, EVP/GM for INFiLED.

INFiLED’s LDI exhibit will include a full virtual production studio powered by Brompton and VIVE Mars. There will also be three new product models – the RS, ARmk2, and AMT making their debut. The booth will also demonstrate products suited for rental/staging/touring applications. Another area of concentration for INFiLED is fine pitch dvLED. Their WP Series is an industry staple for its thin, high-definition design and ability to curve.

The LDI Show takes place on December 3-5, 2023 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. INFiLED’s roundtable discussions will be held on Dec 3 and 4 at 1:30 pm – 2:40 pm in booth #993.

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