InfoComm 2018: Meet the SureCall Force5 2.1

Published: June 4, 2018
SureCall’s Force5 2.1 is a self-contained, five-band, cellular signal booster for commercial grade buildings.

Maker of in-building cellular signal booster systems SureCall wants InfoComm 2018 attendees to swing by and see its “latest and greatest,” according to VP of sales Frankie Smith. That is, its SureCall Force5 2.1 remote monitoring system.

[related]“We’re really excited to show people our Force5 2.1,” he says.

“This is really our workhorse for the commercial applications for commercial buildings and essentially it’s able to increase cellular signals for all carriers simultaneously inside of a building.”

When InfoComm 2018 attendees visit SureCall at booth N956 they’ll also learn about a new feature that offers potential for recurring revenue.

“This year we’ve also added to it a cellular modem that now with the remote monitoring system which normally would have to go over Wi-Fi you now can go over the cellular network to be able to remotely monitor the system, so you don’t have to tap into the local network there at the customer’s site,” Smith says.

“We’re real excited to show the people how they can add that extra service, extra level or protection. They can do maintenance agreements so they can remotely monitor the cellular signal booster systems.”

More on the SureCall Force5 2.1 Remote Monitoring System:

SureCall’s Force5 2.1 is a self-contained, five-band, cellular signal booster for commercial grade buildings. The Force5 2.1 carries on SureCall’s proprietary technology with a built-in SENTRY to provide remote monitoring, through an app, to adjust and optimize booster performance while located off-site.

Improving on the SENTRY feature further, SureCall has addressed one of the most common pain points by eliminating the need to connect into the end-user’s internet through the use of a built-in cellular modem, with a simple slot for the user to place the SIM car of their choice.

The Force5 2.1 voice and data solution offers an alternative to a DAS system at a fraction of the cost, providing enhanced cellular and data reception for areas of 50,000 square feet or larger — with expansion packs available to cover larger, or more challenging installations.

Certified by the FCC, the booster also reaches maximum uplink and downlink power. The Force5 2.1 combines PCS and Cellular dual-bands with LTE and AWS frequencies for all major North American cell carriers ‒ a complete voice and data signal solution for more than 100 users.

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