L-Acoustics Wins $5M Against Rental Company for Counterfeit Products

Along with Se7ven Sounds Music paying damages of $5 million, L-Acoustics also won the right to destroy the 136 counterfeit products confiscated.

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L-Acoustics Wins $5M Against Rental Company for Counterfeit Products

Confiscating product that has been confirmed as counterfeit L-Acoustics loudspeakers in the warehouse of Se7ven Sounds Music, Inc. Image credits: Zack Wittman.

An investigation led by L-Acoustics late last year has resulted in the seizure of 136 counterfeit products from Tampa-based rental company Se7ven Sounds Music, Inc. Along with the seizure, L-Acoustics filed a complaint against Se7ven Sounds for trademark infringement, counterfeiting and unfair competition. Per a statement, this month, the United States District Court, Middle District of Florida, Tampa Division ordered Se7ven Sounds Music to pay damages of $5 Million to L-Acoustics, a significant achievement in the professional audio industry. L-Acoustics also won the right to destroy the 136 counterfeit products confiscated during the investigation.

According to the company, the final judgment holds that the “defendants infringed the L-Acoustics Trademarks by intentionally and willfully engaging in the unauthorized manufacturing, importation, offering for sale and/or rental, and sale and/or rental of goods in interstate commerce imitating the design of L-Acoustics products and bearing counterfeit L-Acoustics Trademarks.”

A judgment of this magnitude is a first in the professional audio industry, says L-Acoustics. It confirms the absolute importance the company places on deterring the manufacture, sale and rental of fake L-Acoustics products. According to the company, it also serves as a warning to those who contemplate infringing its IP rights.

L-Acoustics, in a statement, lauds the U.S. justice system and especially the United States District Court, Tampa Division, for recognizing the noxious effects of counterfeiting on the quality and safety of the events industry. Per the statement, the filed complaint for “trademark counterfeiting and infringement, false designation of source origin, unfair competition, and deceptive acts or practices under the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act, common law trademark infringement, and common law unfair competition” is a milestone in L-Acoustics’ ongoing anti-counterfeiting mission.

“Our customers and clients must have confidence in the L-Acoustics name and the integrity of our products and of our worldwide network of certified partners,” says Laurent Ostojski, senior legal counsel at L-Acoustics. “We have zero tolerance for counterfeiting; and this judgment makes it clear that not only manufacturing counterfeit equipment but also renting and selling fakes is illegal and punishable by law. It sends a strong message to service providers who profit by deceiving end-users and promoters by providing inferior and unsafe counterfeit equipment.”

According to the company, this final judgment comes on the heels of a cease and seizure of counterfeit L-Acoustics loudspeakers in China in December 2022. In partnership with Chinese authorities, L-Acoustics tracked down five counterfeiters who were subsequently found guilty and sentenced to jail for producing and selling counterfeit L‑Acoustics loudspeakers in China. The counterfeit loudspeakers were destroyed, says L-Acoustics.

The safety risks associated with counterfeit products are not limited to suboptimal audio performance, says L-Acoustics. The fake products also expose operators and the public to hazardous safety risks and severe legal liabilities if an accident occurs. The company further notes that counterfeit L-Acoustics loudspeakers do not provide the same ultimate performance, ruggedness and safety of operation as their true counterparts. Per a statement, to combat L-Acoustics offers free serial number verification to clients and will roll out an online version to certified providers by year’s end.

L-Acoustics states that anti-counterfeiting efforts for this case have been led by Dr. Laurent Ostojski, senior legal counsel at L-Acoustics and Milton Springut and J.T. Parker Murray of Moses & Singer LLP.

To learn more about the L-Acoustics Counterfeit Task Force, how to spot a fake and report any suspected counterfeit products, head to the L-Acoustics Anti-Counterfeiting page.

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