Magewell Joins Barco’s ClickShare Alliance Program

Published: February 24, 2022

Magewell, developer of innovative video interface and IP workflow solutions, joined Barco’s ClickShare Alliance Program. The new partnership will ensure Magewell’s USB Capture Gen 2 HDMI-to-USB and SDI-to-USB capture devices’ compatibility with Barco’s ClickShare Conference wireless conferencing portfolio.

Magewell says its plug-and-play USB Capture Gen 2 devices let users easily and reliably bring HDMI or SDI video signals into popular conferencing software. This includes Zoom, Skype, Teams, GoToMeeting, etc. Meanwhile, Barco’s ClickShare Conference combines remote communication with easy-to-use, agnostic wireless collaboration to enable revolutionary conferencing experiences in any meeting space. The device wirelessly connects to USB audio-video peripherals to create better hybrid meetings without cumbersome cables.

The company point to the verified compatibility with Magewell USB Capture Gen 2 devices. Per a statement, this enables HDMI or SDI video sources such as professional cameras to be used seamlessly with ClickShare Conference. Users can thus integrate higher-end cameras into their wireless conferences for improved visual quality and creative flexibility, or incorporate other non-USB video sources such as DVD players, document cameras, or additional computers.

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According to Magewell, its USB Capture Gen 2 successfully tested for compatibility with the ClickShare CX-20, ClickShare CX-30 and ClickShare CX-50. The Magewell devices can thus be powered directly from the ClickShare Base Unit. It also does not require additional power source.

The ClickShare Conference enables Magewell devices to connect wirelessly to the host computer. In this way, it frees them from the length limitations of USB cables. At the same time, it allows them to be placed more discretely and conveniently.

Nick Ma, CEO and CTO at Magewell, remarks, “Combining our USB capture devices with ClickShare Conference lets users take advantage of these AV sources while enjoying the benefits of wireless, hybrid meeting experiences. Partnering with Barco as part of the ClickShare Alliance lets integrators, resellers, and end-users choose our joint solution with confidence.”

“Magewell’s USB Capture devices expand the ecosystem of high-quality video and audio sources that customers can use with ClickShare Conference,” adds Lieven Bertier, segment marketing director workplace at Barco. “The ClickShare Alliance Program is all about giving customers the confidence of proven compatibility in their hybrid meetings.”

Bertier continues that the partnership thus aligns with this mission. It also enables compatibility with vast array of HDMI and SDI sources. He concludes, “We’re thrilled to welcome [Magewell] to the program.”

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