Monitor Company Service Vehicles Via Honeywell Total Connect Tracking

Published: 2014-10-17

The latest service addition to Honeywell‘s Home Connect suite of home and business security monitoring solutions could potentially save a lot of parental and business owner headaches.

Honeywell’s new Total Connect Tracking Services is a GPS-based technology that allows homeowners and business owners to remotely track vehicles and other assets in real time, using computers and smart devices.

According to the Melville, N.Y.-based company, the service is a convenient way for homeowners to keep tabs on their teenage children and elderly parents, or it can be used by business owners to track on their company cars.

“Whether it’s a concerned parent wanting to know that their teenager arrived safely at school, a homeowner monitoring their boat, or a business owner keeping tabs on his fleet and making sure equipment arrived at the job site on time, Honeywell Total Connect Tracking Services can be deployed in countless scenarios to help dealers reach customers they never could before,” says Dean Mason, senior communications product manager, Honeywell. “We’re excited about the incredible potential for growth and RMR [recurring monthly revenues].”

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Other components of Honeywell’s latest service option include the Total Connect Asset Tracker (TCAT), which the company recommends for powered assets such as boats, jet skis, ATVs, RVs, motorcycles and construction equipment. Honeywell points out this option like the Total Connect Vehicle Tracker (TCVT2) plugs directly into an asset’s on-board diagnostic system port (OBD-II), and it can be used in products that are not equipped with OBD-II systems such as classic cars.

Optional equipment for Total Connect Tracking Services include the company’s Tracker Extension Cable (VT-EXT) and Total Connect Asset Tracker with Extended Battery (TCAT-EB) that can be used with assets such as shipping containers, heavy machinery, generators and other components.

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