Nanolumens Launches New 4K Version of Captivate Series

Published: 2023-10-23

Nanolumens, innovators of visionary DVLED experiences, announced the addition of a 4K version of its Captivate Series. Per the company, the series is an easy-to-buy, easy-to-install complete LED display solution. Its aim is to thus simplify installation and ease user control.

According to Nanolumens, Captivate sets a new standard for LED all-in-one displays. Here, the new Captivate 4K model is ideal for applications that require higher resolution to visualize the finest details. This revolutionary product series is also available in four unique sizes, ranging from 120 to 180 inches, the company reveals. It thus offers customers the flexibility to choose the perfect size for their specific environment.

“The Captivate Series is a testament to Nanolumens’ commitment to display solutions that are energy-efficient, ultra-thin and lightweight,” remarks Kurt DeYoung, CRO at Nanolumens. “This series is a complete solution that eliminates the need for additional components and eases design and installation costs typically associated with dvLED displays.”

He adds, “Nanolumens’ Captivate displays are in-stock and available exclusively through our distribution partner, TD Synnex. This Series allows for more cost-effective and easy workplace renovations and is available with our renowned white glove installation.”

Key Features of the Captivate Series

  • Perfectly Sized: Captivate is available in 120-, 150-, and 180-inch full HD resolution models and the new 165-inch model in full 4K UHD.
  • All-in-One Turnkey Solution: Captivate eliminates the need for additional components, simplifying installation and reducing design and installation costs.
  • Zero-inch System Depth: Designed with a slim profile for seamless integration into any environment.
  • 100K Lifetime Hours: Ensures long-lasting performance and durability.
  • White Glove Installation: Installation is made easy, whether you choose a wall mount or a mobile cart, Nanolumens states. Thus, it offers a hassle-free experience.
  • Range of applications: Ideal choice for corporate meeting rooms, houses of worship, higher-education facilities and more. Its visual performance, brightness, and clarity set a new benchmark for all-in-one LED displays, says Nanolumens.

The company also states that it stands behind the durability and reliability of their Captivate Series, offering a comprehensive warranty that has NIXEL to Pixel coverage. With high-quality materials, Nanolumens says it thus ensures protection of the investment.

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