Are Projectors the Missing Piece of Distance Learning Solutions? 3 Questions with NEC

Published: October 14, 2020

Mark Knox, NEC Display, joins us for another installment of CI 3 Questions. This time, we’re focusing on the missing link for many distance learning solutions: projectors.

Commercial Integrator: Projectors are a big part of NEC’s family of products — why do you think they are sometimes overlooked when it comes to distance learning?

Mark Knox: I think the traditional application for projectors consists of a large room with a lot of people in it — obviously, distance learning environments are the opposite, so you might be tempted to think projection is not the right solution there.

But people are looking for hybrid solutions in K12 and Higher Ed.

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Some students are remote, some are in-room. But of course the teachers are always in the room, and projectors work great in situations where the teacher needs to see both the digital and physical students.

With monitors, even the 120″ screen in the back of the classroom can be tough to see.

CI: So what should integrators look out for if they’re choosing a projector for distance learning situations?

MK: With video in any environment that will be streamed, a DLP projector might not work as well because it tends to switch colors on camera; the rainbow effect. Maybe 3LCD might work better.

How much noise does the projector make? Sensitive microphones are going to pick that noise up and send it to the students.

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