NEC Introduces 35,000 Lumen 4K Laser Projector

Published: April 4, 2017
NEC's latest 4K laser projector.

Adding to its Digital Cinema Projector Series, NEC introduces its new NC3541L 4K laser projector.

Producing as many as 35,000 lumens of brightness, NEC’s latest projector utilizes red-and-blue laser phosphor technologies to deliver bright and vivid images for small and medium screen applications.

“NEC Display evaluates the total needs of the cinema marketplace and delivers products that consider total cost of ownership and feature the most innovative technology to enhance the theater experience,” says Rich McPherson, senior product manager for projectors at NEC Display Solutions. “NEC stands out in the industry by offering customers one point of contact for all their cinema projector needs, and the NC3541L adds to the value we bring exhibitors.”

NEC says cinema operators benefit from the projector’s use of laser technologies, which require less maintenance than traditional light engines.

The projector joins the rest of the Digital Cinema Projector Series that already includes:

  • NC3540LS:  The flagship 2D and 3D product in the line, this projector produces 4K Ultra HD images for large-screen applications. Technical highlights of the NC3540LS include its use of a RGB laser-based light engine that enables the projector to deliver 35,000 lumens and a contrast ratio of 2000:1.
  • NC1700L: NEC says the NC1700L laser projector produces 14,000 lumens of brightness. Integrators can pair the NC17001 with small- and medium-size screens to reproduce standard 2D content and 3D content.
  • NC1000C: The quiet-running 2K, DCI-certified projector is a solution integrators can mate to small screens. NEC adds the NC1000C also includes triple-flash technologies for smooth image reproduction. Through its 5 bayonet-lens options, users can swap lenses to meet throw distances ranging from 2.6 feet to 283 feet.

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