NETGEAR Survey of 1,000 Small Businesses Reflects Importance of Reliable Wi-Fi

Published: 2018-11-19

[related]A sponsored NETGEAR survey on Wi-Fi system usage for more than 1,000 small business with 50 or fewer employees across 40 different industries — including accounting, education, construction, hospitality and tourism, legal and law offices, non-profits, and manufacturing – shows that a good WiFi network is understood to be a critical tool.

Respondents indicated that Wi-Fi is vital for customer retention because it enables better customer service ancustomers expect to have Wi-Fi available.

NETGEAR, a provider of Wi-Fi solutions, says it’s clear from the survey results that businesses are in need of a more powerful and easier to manage Wi-Fi solution to address both their business and client needs.

Some Findings from the NETGEAR Survey on Small Business Wi-Fi:
  • When asked what types of issues the businesses were experiencing with their Wi-Fi, nearly 44 percent responded that their network performance had been impacted by congestion due to the quantity of devices connected to the network.
  • Nearly 20 percent of the respondents also stated that their current Wi-Fi network doesn’t provide enough coverage for their business needs.
  • Survey respondents noted dropped connections and described their Wi-Fi as being ‘too slow.’
NETGEAR on the survey findings (via press release):
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These findings come as no surprise to NETGEAR, the developer of the Orbi™ Pro Tri-band Wi-Fi System for Small Businesses (SRK60), a purpose-built do-it-yourself Wi-Fi mesh solution designed for businesses to resolve known coverage, connection and bandwidth issues.

Orbi Pro customer Deanna Bower, general manager at Mo’s Breakfast + Burger Joint in Almaden Valley, Calif previously faced a similar challenge with performance issues with her Wi-Fi network that had been described by respondents to the survey.

“We were looking for a simple solution that would provide complete coverage throughout the restaurant,” said Deanna.

“Other solutions provided spotty coverage, especially on the patio. NETGEAR’s Orbi Pro and the new Orbi Outdoor Satellite delivered. And the added bonus, it was not complicated to set up.”

Today, businesses and their customers rely on Wi-Fi to connect, communicate and collaborate.

When asked why Wi-Fi is important to your business, nearly 70 percent replied that making Wi-Fi available for our clients “improves customer service.”

Their replies also included “meeting customer expectations” for having Wi-Fi available as well as “helping to attract new customers” anfor the hospitality and service industries, “more time spent on the premises.”

By offering Wi-Fibusinesses can also help establish their presence in the local community, keep customers busy during wait times as well as enabling customer advocacy through social media and provide the capability to gain greater customer insights.

More on NETGEAR’s Orbi Pro solution (via press release):

The survey respondents noted that much of their customer experiences include activities such as streaming music (>49%) and streaming content to big screen televisions (>46%) as well as business-critical functions like wireless point-of-sale ordering systems (>36%), adding a separate guest network (> 32%) and operating conferencing equipment (< 33%), all of which are made possible by NETGEAR’s Orbi Pro solution.

Information systems manager for Surf Air, Charlie Nuttall says that “With Orbi Pro, Surf Air can reap the benefits of enterprise-class Wi-Fi with a single Wi-Fi name, which means there are no more dropped VoIP or video calls as we walk throughout the office.

And with the advanced security options and pre-defined networks, such as a separate network for guest access, Surf Air can keep business running smoothly and keep our members happy.”

Surf Air’s statement mirrors that of over 60% of respondents from the survey, who referenced that offering Wi-Fi to their customeris of the utmost importance for their business.

NETGEAR Orbi Pro Wi-Fi system provides a mesh Wi-Fi network, by using a dedicated high throughput wireless backhaul, the patented Fastlane3 technology connects the satellites and the router creating a Wi-Fi blanket that can cover tens of thousands of square feet by eliminating Wi-Fi dead zones and managing congestion with MU-MIMO.

Although mesh Wi-Fi could be a benefit to the majority of businesses, the survey found that nearly 90 percent of SMBs asked, do not understand how Wi-Fi mesh technology can improve their wireless network experience.

Orbi Pro Mesh Wi-Fi System is the first purpose-built Wi-Fi solution specifically designed for small business owners to install themselves, which provides secure, reliableand blazing fast Wi-Fi.

It is the perfect Wi-Fi solution for commercial locations such as professional offices, restaurants, retail, or bed and breakfast inns, which could benefit from easy to set up expansive Wi-Fi. With Orbi Pro, there is no complex wiring or a need for professional installation and you can avoid the cost of outsourcing your IT.

See the detailed survey results and gain insight on how NETGEAR’s Orbi Pro can cost-effectively provide a professional mesh Wi-Fi for your business. At the same time, enter a drawing to win a NETGEAR Orbi Pro Tri-band Wi-Fi system. Visit Bye-bye Bad Wi-Fi.

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