New SDVoE Alliance Reveals at Least One Member: AptoVision

Published: 2016-12-14

There was a piece of information conspicuously missing from the announcement of Software Defined Video Over Ethernet (SDVoE) Alliance, a new group aimed at speeding up and standardizing the transition to AV over IP, when Commercial Integrator broke the news last month.

At that time, we weren’t able to name any of the founding members of the alliance.

CI‘s main source for the article spoke on the condition that we not reveal his name or company.

Now we can disclose that the person we refer to as “a source associated with SDVoE who requested not to be named until the alliance’s manufacturer members are announced publicly in January 2017” is Justin Kennington, strategic and technical marketing director at AptoVision.

Meanwhile, SDVoE continues to work toward making a splash at Integrated Systems Europe 2017. Listed on the ISE 2017 site is a training session, “Deploying zero-latency AV-over-IP systems using SDVoE technology,” taught by Kennington and NETGEAR’s Laurent Masia.

Although NETGEAR hasn’t been confirmed as a founding member of SDVoE, it certainly falls in line with Kennington’s description of that group:

It’s important to note about the founding members, adds the source, that “they are not exclusively AV box manufacturers.” While that group is represented it also includes chip manufacturers, software makers and others.

“My concept in going to recruit this membership is No. 1 it only succeeds as an eco-system. If there were just a few box manufactures there are limits to the value that has. When we can expand that and and bring in hardware manufacturers, software manufacturers, switch vendors … bringing them all together, it makes it much more powerful to the IT guy.”

More information about the ISE 2017 training session and a registration link are available on SDVoE’s site.

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