Education on dvLED is Essential: 3 Questions with Peerless-AV

Published: April 10, 2020

Peerless-AV maintains that integrator customers need to feel completely confident in their dvLED video wall solutions, especially if it costs more than traditional LCD. We sat down with Brian McClimans of Peerless-AV to learn more.

Commercial Integrator: LED is quickly taking over, why do you think it has experienced such a growth in demand, and why is it important to work with manufacturers?

Brian McClimans: The demand is due to the price point coming down and the fact that it’s a seamless wall without bevels.

dvLED is much more difficult than LCDs of the past. You need to know each brand inside and out, rear serviceability, etc. Even within one brand there are different requirements. On the mounting side, the mount company needs to have partnered with the manufacturer.

CI: One of the major problems with installing dvLED is a lack of experienced installers. Peerless-AV offers a video wall experience program. How does that help combat the problem?

BM: You have to get it right from the beginning. You don’t want to ever have to take these back down off the wall. We’ve partnered with dealers and third party install companies to train people on each product. Customers paying 2-3-times the cost of an LCD wall need to feel confident in their purchase.

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You want to make sure you understand people on the jobsite will know what’s involved.

To learn more, visit the Peerless-AV website and watch the video above.

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