PSNI Global Alliance Announces SAS Certification

Published: February 22, 2023

Tulsa, Okla.-based PSNI Global Alliance, global network of technology integrators and service providers, announced its Strategic Account Specialist (SAS) Certification.

The SAS certification is the third accreditation developed by The Alliance. Per the organization, it involves a comprehensive process to ensure its Certified Solution Providers (CSPs) meet PSNI’s criteria for pre-installation practices. These include customer relationships and engagement, deployment practices and future growth strategy.

Importance of SAS Certification

Chris Miller, executive director, PSNI Global Alliance, explains the importance that the new SAS Certification will deliver for customers.

Miller notes, “The SAS program is a business transformational model that focuses on teaching CSP account managers the critical skills that utilize common value enablers provided by being part of The Alliance.”

He then adds, “In a world where everything is commoditized, it is how you engage with customers and connect with their real needs that is the differentiating factor. PSNI’s Strategic Account Specialist Certification has undoubtedly enhanced our customers experience already.”

To earn the SAS Certification, CSPs train and complete a strategic account management workshop. They also present to a PSNI panel and build a suitable account plan to earn their accreditation. The CSPs also cover several areas during training. These include customer experience, proven best practices and relationship building.

“Professionalism and preparation are the keys to understanding, meeting and exceeding customer expectations—locally and globally,” adds Chris. “By reinforcing the best practices of universal professional account management strategies, we are developing a sustainable approach that benefits our CSPs as well as their customers’ experience. This latest certification from PSNI is a big help in reinforcing those practices.”

To date, 10 PSNI CSPs across the globe have officially earned their SAS certification. According to the organization, they are now applying their learnings to customers worldwide.

Additional Benefits

Kuldip Kamat, CTS, managing director of All Wave AV, speaks on the new certification’s benefits to PSNI’s CSPs. He expands, “The certification will be useful for the customers that have a global footprint; as they are migrating or thinking about the solutions and integrators that have a global footprint and a roadmap, as well as the ones that are very strategic about the way they operate.”

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Kamat then adds, “We are seeing a lot of opportunities open up for longer-duration plays. And the SAS Certification will help customers who genuinely see the value in long-term business transformations using technology.”

He notes, “So far, the AV system integration industry has been very tactical. The SAS provides very long-term thinking. [This] enables the companies to think more strategically and more profitably about the integration business. The certification and the process of certification also help owners and senior management to reflect on the fact that the integrator truly exists in the business. [It also] provides a lot of value to the customers well beyond price.”

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