PTZOptics Marks Decade of Innovation with Live-Streaming Tech Reveal at CES 2024

Published: January 5, 2024
Following a 'Best Live Streaming Webcam' award at CES 2023, PTZOptics says it will spearhead the future of video production with continuous innovation. Photo courtesy of PTZOptics.

At CES 2024 (January 9 through 12 in Las Vegas), PTZOptics will unveil a range of video production technologies for multiple industries. Its live-streaming technology, the Move SE camera line, caters to specific needs across a range of verticals. These include education, entertainment, healthcare and industrial manufacturing.

Paul Richards, chief revenue officer at PTZOptics, remarks, “Our vision at PTZOptics goes beyond developing cutting-edge cameras. We aim to provide tailored solutions that resonate with various industries, from entertainment to healthcare. The Move SE and 4K camera lines are a pivotal step in our journey to democratize professional video technology, enabling every sector to connect and engage with their audiences more effectively.”

PTZOptics Streaming Features on Display at CES

This year, PTZOptics has announced over ten new live-streaming features for its PTZ camera lineup. These include the following features:

  • Enhanced Presenter Tracking: The Presenter Lock feature includes selecting and auto-tracking a specific person within the camera’s web interface. This feature includes composition modes and dynamic zoom controls.
  • New Auto-Framing Feature: Automatically frames all subjects in a scene, perfect for capturing group interactions without manual adjustments.
  • PTZOptics API G3: Over five times as many API options for controlling PTZOptics cameras, including new functionalities for auto-tracking, auto-framing and subject selection.
  • Privacy Mode: Ensures optimal privacy by turning the camera lens away and entering standby mode, ready for quick activation.

PTZOptics Company Highlights 

As the company showcases its latest innovations at CES 2024, PTZOptics says it is proud to highlight the significant strides it has made in transforming video technology. From its Move SE Camera Line to its recognized impact on the consumer electronics industry, here are its key highlights:

  • PTZOptics Move SE Camera Line: The Move SE, recognized for its affordability and professional-grade capabilities, opens new horizons for entry-level, live-streaming professionals, offering top-tier technology at an unparalleled price point.
  • Industry Recognition: PTZOptics has been awarded the ‘Best PTZ Camera’ for the Move SE by VideoMaker Magazine, reaffirming the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation.
  • Legacy of Excellence: After winning the ‘Best Live Streaming Webcam’ at last year’s CES for the Studio Pro camera, PTZOptics continues to lead and shape the future of video production.
  • Impact on Consumer Electronics Industry: PTZOptics’ contributions go beyond product innovation. The brand’s commitment to affordability and versatility reshapes how professionals approach live streaming and content creation.

Experience PTZOptics’ technology firsthand at booth 23228 in the Central Hall of CES 2024.

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