Q-SYS to Support Spatial Audio for Microsoft Teams Rooms

Published: January 31, 2023

Costa Mesa, Calif.-based Q-SYS announced its support for spatial-audio capabilities for Microsoft Teams Rooms, including Signature Teams Rooms.

For systems utilizing certified Q-SYS audio, video and control processing in Teams Rooms environments, users can now experience spatial audio. Here, it allows the audio of the remote participants to come from the direction of where the specific person talking is located on the screen. As a result, it creates a more immersive and natural experience for in-room participants. Furthermore, the spatial-audio feature with Teams Rooms has support at the software level via Q-SYS Designer Software. This further eliminates the need for additional hardware.

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“Spatial audio support is yet another example of our growing partnership between Q-SYS and Microsoft to deliver features and solutions that elevate equitable collaboration experiences in high-impact spaces, including Signature Teams Rooms,” says Jason Moss, vice president of corporate development and alliances, Q-SYS. “Because of the software architecture of Q-SYS, we can quickly adapt the Platform to offer this new feature. Furthermore, with a large portfolio of certified Teams Rooms space configurations on the market, users can design with confidence, as an expression of the benefit the certification work Q-SYS does for them.”

“We are pleased to continue innovating with Q-SYS to offer optimized solutions, like spatial audio, that enhance collaboration within Teams Rooms environments,” says Albert Kooiman, senior director of Microsoft Teams Devices Partner Engineering and Certification at Microsoft. “We are always looking for solutions to bridge the gap between people working remotely and those in the office; and with spatial audio, users can enjoy a richer meeting experience that can help reduce meeting fatigue.”

Visitors can view demonstrations of the spatial audio in a Q-SYS certified Teams Rooms at ISE 2023 at the Q-SYS stand 2V400.

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