QSC Launches New Q-SYS Video and Control Products

Published: 2021-11-11

QSC recently introduced two new product series to the Q-SYS Platform, the NC Series network conference cameras and the TSC Series Gen 3 network touch screen controllers. Both product series are native to the Q-SYS Operating System, giving it the ability to seamlessly integrate with any Q-SYS system and also fulfill the requirements of the latest collaboration spaces.

Q-SYS NC Series Conference Cameras

According to QSC, the new NC Series includes three models that empower integrators and IT administrators to rightsize camera selection for their Q-SYS installation.

The first model, the Q-SYS NC-110 is the first fixed-lens, ePTZ camera available for Q-SYS, featuring a 110° horizontal field-of-view (hFOV) with digital zoom capabilities for smaller, wider rooms. The other two models, the Q-SYS NC-12×80 (12x optical zoom, 80° horizontal FOV) and Q-SYS NC-20×60 (20x optical zoom, 60° horizontal FOV), both offer motorized PTZ functionality to enable a broader range of room layouts, sizes and purpose.

All NC Series cameras include hardware to allow mounting above or below displays, providing greater flexibly for a wide variety of use cases.

The company added that as native Q-SYS devices, the NC Series overcomes one-to-one routing, delivery and visual limitations of USB camera solutions. This is enabled by allowing as many Q-SYS IP camera streams on the network as necessary for the application, and then decoding, scaling and bridging to the host PC/compute with a Q-SYS USB-enabled edge device, all without the need for complicated programming or video matrix hardware.

A consolidated AV stream is then delivered to modern videoconferencing applications like Microsoft Teams Rooms, Zoom Rooms, or Google Meet via single driverless USB connection.

“With these new conference cameras, QSC is demonstrating its commitment to providing scalable video conferencing solutions for collaboration spaces in an effort to create experience equity for both remote and in-room participants,” says Mike Brandes, product manager, Q-SYS video solutions, QSC. “Furthermore, users can combine these new products with smaller channel count processing options found in the Q-SYS Core Nano or Q-SYS Core 8 Flex to expand software-based audio, video & control into smaller collaboration spaces.”

Q-SYS TSC Series Gen 3 Touch Screen Controllers

According to the company, the Q-SYS TSC Series Gen 3 offers a complete redesign to deliver higher performance and modern aesthetics, enabling intuitive AV&C controls for any space. It is now available in three sizes, the TSC-50-G3 (5-inch), TSC-70-G3 (7-inch) and TSC-101-G3 (10.1-inch).

The new product features increased resolution with improved screen transitions, integrated ambient light sensors for brightness and a new design. Additionally, the 7-inch and 10-inch offer customizable RGB LED status to indicate call/mute status, room-in-use, etc. as well as proximity sensors that wake the screens on approach.

The company added that integrators can deploy fully customizable user control interfaces with a unique drag-and-drop UCI Editor within the Q-SYS Designer Software (the singular software used to build UCIs, DSP and control programming). Designers can also standardize and expedite the design deployment of UCIs with the optional use of CSS and the newly released UCI Controller.

“These next-generation Q-SYS touch screens give a more modern aesthetic and high performance required for today’s hybrid high-value spaces,” says Greg Mattson, product manager, Q-SYS Control, QSC. “With this new style, plus an enhanced onboard processor, the TSC Series Gen 3 provides more robust control capabilities and plenty of headroom for future software-based enhancements and third-party ecosystem integrations that will be added to Q-SYS in the coming months.”

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