Residential Tech That You Should Know: CEDIA 2019 Highlights and Products

Published: 2019-09-18

We don’t know if you — the person reading this right now — are a corporate-only installer, a residential tech installer, or a fence-sitting integrator who takes what they can get. But we assume that, either way, you’re curious to know what up-and-coming technology might be useful in your next installation. And we think CEDIA 2019 highlights and products from the show are perfect indicators of just that.

It wouldn’t be the first time resi tech trends impacted commercial: remember the iPad?

At last year’s event, we saw a proliferation of AI devices in commercial-adjacent settings; learned about multiple water management products which are just now finding their way into hotels and other light commercial areas; saw first-hand the importance of tunable lighting to office employees; and learned just how useful VR could be to integration firms’ sales departments.

There were certainly similar themes on display this year, with an added focus on resource management.

Other CEDIA 2019 highlights include:

  • landscape speakers and lighting companies such asĀ Holm Lighting,Ā Leon Speakers,Ā Origin Acoustics,Ā Artio Lifestyle Lighting, Landscape Vibrations
  • broadband wireless, bringing fixed wireless to a central area and then wireless from there
  • outdoor shades and screens
  • indoor shades with every protocol: zigbee, z-wave, poe, wifi, etc.
  • ā€œwellness roomsā€ with circadian lighting, fresh air, sounds of nature, etc.

Here are a couple examples of residential tech with commercial crossover appeal:

“Personalized Automation”

RoomMe by IntelliThings identifies who’s in a room by Smartphones and automatically setsĀ light, music and temperature to theĀ preferences of the actual people present.

While this presents obvious benefits in the home, small to medium-sized businesses could also benefit from this inexpensive (<$100) add-on, especially if the room in question is frequented by the same people.

See the full slideshow of CEDIA 2019 highlights and products here

A Digital Canvas for Signage

Lacking content for signage like everybody else is? Have a client who needs creativity, but something that’s still easy to manage? This solution is basically like owning a subscription to a gallery.

See the full slideshow of CEDIA 2019 highlights and products here


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