RGB Spectrum QuadView IPXe Multiviewer Delivers 4K 60Hz Resolution

Published: 2022-05-05

Alameda, Calif.-based RGB Spectrum introduced the QuadView IPXe high performance 4K multiviewer. The multiviewer displays multiple video sources simultaneously on a single screen in customizable layouts. According to the company, the new model delivers high image quality up to 4K 60Hz resolution. It also has display windows of any size, anywhere on the screen. The QuadView IPXe model represents the top of the newly introduced IPX line of multiviewers, says RGB Spectrum.

Additionally, The QuadView IPXe features both HDMI and IP inputs displayable. IP streams can be decoded and viewed, providing display of signals from both local and remote locations. The system also supports mix and match input source types and resolutions, and scaling any video input up to 4K resolution. It also supports both analog and digital I/O audio, including audio embedded in HDMI and IP sources.

Additional Features

The QuadView IPXe model is a novel combination of a multi-channel encoder, decoder and multiviewer. Moreover, it comes in one small, desktop package. It can display four video windows chosen from twelve HDMI and IP sources simultaneously. Uniquely, the system also provides encoding of baseband video inputs as well as multi-image output for remote viewing over a LAN or WAN.

Thus, the IPXe model is ideal for advanced VTC applications or as a desktop communications hub, supporting display and transmission of both local and remote content bidirectionally.

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The versatile QuadView IPXe model fully capitalizes on the benefits of 4K resolution with high-performance, real-time processing and high image quality. An embedded architecture offers operational security without PC vulnerabilities to external tampering and hacking.

It is an ideal solution for mission critical 24/7 operations, where reliability, security, quality and ruggedness count. RGB Spectrum specifies that it manufactured it in U.S.A., and it is also fully TAA compliant.

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