Riedel ISE 2019 Will Showcase Latest Signal Distribution and Networking Solutions

Published: January 15, 2019
The Bolero Standalone Application from Riedel Communications, a license-enabled upgrade that provides several performance enhancements along with standalone capabilities.

Riedel Communications will showcase its latest innovations in real-time signal distribution and networking solutions for broadcast and live performance at the Riedel ISE 2019 booth inside the RAI Amsterdam this February [stand 6-K140].

Riedel’s product line “reflects the company’s continued support of standards and interoperability, ongoing development and expansion of software app-based solutions, and groundbreaking concept of decentralized signal routing,” according to the company announcement.

Here’s more about a few of the products the company will show off in its Riedel ISE 2019 booth:

Bolero Standalone Wireless Intercom System

Riedel will showcase its all-new Bolero Standalone Application, a license-enabled upgrade for the Bolero wireless intercom system that delivers several performance enhancements along with standalone capabilities. With the Bolero Standalone Application, antennas are daisy-chained to each other in a line or a redundant ring via a low-latency, synchronized TDM network.

Bolero has no IP configuration needed. A new external power supply can power up to five antennas to achieve power and data redundancies. A new, single-RU, half-width external interface box, with six analog 4-wires and three GPIOs, can be directly connected to any antenna and then patched into an existing intercom system.

The system is configured via a web GUI internal to the antennas. Other new capabilities provided by the Bolero update include individual rotary programming, Bluetooth headset support, and a new beltpack QuickMute feature that allows users to set the volume of all channels to zero.

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SmartPanel 1200 Series

Riedel will also display its 1200 series SmartPanel (RSP-1232HL). The RSP-1232HL panel features multiple full-color multitouch displays, 32 innovative hybrid-lever keys, the ability to leverage apps for multifunctionality and the ability to adapt to various work flows.

As the latest of the company’s SmartPanel app-driven user interfaces, the RSP-1232HL “is poised to allow users to work the way they always have while opening up entirely new possibilities,” according to the Riedel announcement.

Each of the RSP-1232HL’s 32 lever keys features an integrated rotary encoder that provides control over parameters in the same location as the key. Users are able to choose custom colors for either the key labels or the LED rings that are positioned around each key.

In addition, the RSP-1232HL supports AES67 audio through two fiber SFPs and two RJ45 connections that offer a variety of daisy-chaining and redundancy options and deliver extraordinary cabling flexibility.

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The new RSP-1232HL SmartPanel from Riedel Communications

MediorNet MicroN IP App

Riedel’s MicroN IP App creates a bridge between the MediorNet real-time signal routing network and IP networks. The MicroN IP App supports SMPTE ST 2110/AES67-compliant video and audio as well as baseband video (SDI) and audio (MADI).

In combination with all the built-in glue features — including audio embedding/de-embedding, frame sync, sample rate conversion, audio/video delay, signal routing, and on-screen display — the MicroN IP App turns the device into a universal tool for all IP-interfacing needs.

The device can also be fully networked with all existing MediorNet products. MicroN IP applications range from a stand-alone SDI-to-IP converter to a fully networked system with numerous different IP gateways and baseband inputs and outputs.

The MicroN IP App includes support for up to four MediorNet high-speed links, up to four SMPTE 2110-20 inputs and outputs, four baseband 3G-SDI signals, and eight 3G-SDI outputs.

Four of these outputs are dedicated to monitoring the SMPTE ST 2110-20 streams. Also supported are up to 128 channels of AES67 audio, two optical MADI ports, and sync I/O.


Riedel’s MicroN IP App, a new interface that creates a seamless bridge between MediorNet and IP networks.

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