Watch: Rapidly Deployable Huddle Stations from the Salamander Designs InfoComm Booth

Published: June 19, 2018

The Salamander Designs InfoComm 2018 booth featured what the company says is a new concept in huddle space furniture: rapidly-deployable huddle stations.

But what makes these huddle stations “rapidly deployable”?

The huddle table itself is built from a “C” frame and has a troth and frame system below, which accommodates cabling and connectivity setups, including cable passthroughs, USB charging, etc. All of these options are interchangeable.

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While the Salamander Designs InfoComm 2018 booth only featured one huddle space furniture setup (which you can see in the video above), the company says there’s an array of appearance options to “match any decor.”

More from Sal Carrabba, president, Salamander Designs:

“Our huddle station is the easiest way to deploy technology in the office – all the technology is mounted inside the cabinet, allowing it to be a freestanding solution which accommodates all kinds of displays.

“Large corporate clients are trying to design new standards to deploy meeting spaces — Salamander furniture can support all the technology in a beautiful cabinet that also satisfies other stakeholders.”

“We’re making AV furniture that supports the technology on the inside but looks great on the outside.”

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Large Electric Lift Wall Display Stand

Salamander Designs also displayed a wall solution at their InfoComm 2018 booth. More from the company:

This Heavy Duty stand integrates seamlessly with VESA compatible, collaboration displays up to 90” or 175 lbs with fully adjustable motor control.

Effortless precision ergonomics allow you to focus on productivity then raise your interactive display to collaborate in presentation mode.

Sal says his company’s approach is to please three people at once with every piece of furniture:

  • The Integrator: with an easy-to-install solution
  • The Facility Manager: with a solution which doesn’t require wall openings or rewiring
  • The Architect or Project Manager: with a furniture option that matches their planned aesthetic

The huddle station accommodates three to five people. Learn more here.

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