Salamander Designs Launches FPS Stands and Cabinets for Cisco Webex Board Pro Products

Published: March 9, 2022

Salamander Designs announced its FPS Series of Mobile Stands and Commercial Cabinets are now available to support the Cisco Webex Board Pro Series. The two companies formed a partnership to deliver seamless solutions for integration firms and today’s workplace. Thus, they teamed up to bring elevated, turnkey furniture solutions that are compatible with Cisco’s Webex Board Pro products.

Per a statement, Cisco Webex Board Pro engages teams locally and over video to deliver an interactive experience. This enables people to work naturally with their preferred productivity tools in any type of meeting. These include Webex, Microsoft Teams, Google or Zoom. Meanwhile, Salamander FPS Mobile Stands, Electric Wall Stands and Cabinets offer complete support for the Webex Board Pro Products. Along with this, it offers optimal storage for all AV components, wiring and power in designer-grade furniture to match any business space.

A Collaborative, Innovative Solution

Salamander Designs FPS stand.Cisco collaborated with Salamander Designs prior to launch by shipping one of its first units to the company. Following this, Salamander designed unique brackets. These brackets support Cisco Webex Board Pro Products and also work on its own enterprise Mobile Stands, Electric Wall Stands and Cabinets.

The Webex Board Pro thus affixes easily to Salamander products. The stand is also adjustable based on the use case to optimize inclusion of all people, regardless of location. Additionally, Salamander’s FPS Series of Stands offer fixed and adjustable heights to support any conference or meeting. They also provide precisions ergonomics for optimal productivity and collaboration.

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The Salamander Cisco Certified FPS Stands will be available in gray and white for U.S. and international customers, per a statement.

The Salamander Cisco-optimized stands thus deliver innovations such as electric lift and tilt capability. What’s more, there is no blur or glare on the Webex Board Pro screen due to the stand design. Per a statement, Cisco approved both Salamander Stands and Cabinets for broad use across all commercial markets.

Empowering Customers

“We are pleased to collaborate with Cisco on this win for enterprise customers worldwide who use Cisco Webex Board Pro to enhance their meetings, conferences and hybrid workplace,” says Salvatore Carrabba, founder and president of Salamander Designs. “We took the best of our FPS Stands and Cabinets and created the ideal solution for the Webex Board Pro that ensures seamless setup and capability for all involved.”

Carrabba adds that these solutions provide rapid deployment to simplify every Cisco Webex Board application and installation. At the same time, they conceal components and wiring. He continues, “We are excited to bring this adaptable, elegant solution to market for all users.”

Chris Böttger, Cisco workplace experience leader, remarks, “In the new hybrid world Cisco collaboration systems are designed to make everyone feel included no matter where they are. With adaptive AI technology; teams ideate, whiteboard, show real time emoji reactions and have meeting notes automatically transcribed and summarized.”

He then states that coupled with Salamander’s stands, customers will be empowered with a complete solution. According to Böttger, this solution brings the ultimate business system to global AV integrators and customers. He continues, “Everyone from children to adults, including those in wheelchairs, [can] participate at the Board Pro. Working with Salamander to develop these stands is a testament to the dedication from both companies to bring high quality solutions to today’s business ecosystem.”

The new Salamander Designs systems to support Cisco Webex Board Pro Products will be available by April 2022.

Salamander Designs is a Connecticut-based company of premium quality technology furniture for both enterprise and residential integration. Cisco Webex, based in San Jose, Calif., develops and sells web conferencing, videoconferencing and unified communications as a service.

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