Screen Innovations’ CarbonBlack Tech for Large Venues Now Available

Published: February 7, 2024
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Screen Innovations (SI), the Austin, Texas-based provider of projection screens, window coverings, outdoor shading, and screen solutions for commercial and residential environments, announced that its CarbonBlack screen material for large venue projection is now available.

CarbonBlack screen fabric used in its Hybrid Pro Screens is a large-format imaging solution that delivers the superior contrast, color accuracy, and sharpness of LED displays with the imaging flexibility (ultra-short-throw, standard-throw, edge blending) of projection screens and installation versatility of motorized assemblies.

CarbonBlack Features & Benefits

  • 95% contrast is preserved in brightly lit environments, preserving the black levels.
  • Edge Blend – With CarbonBlack users can seamlessly combine multiple projectors and create immersive and large-scale displays.
  • Works with all Projection Lens Options: Ultra-short Throw, projected from above or below, Standard Throw, Native 4k and Laser.
  • 160-degree Viewing Cone, Vertically and Horizontally. Offset Projectors, Ultra Short Throw and Standard Throw.  No edge drops.
  • Fabric materials are easy to transport and install as it is foldable and portable, 10x less load-in/out, time, energy and transport.
  • Available in an Acoustically Transparent option: CarbonBlack performs exceptionally well as an acoustically transparent material, and it also carries the same ambient light rejecting qualities as its non-acoustic variation.
Screen Innovations CarbonBlack Technology at Adele Concert

The new acoustically transparent screen was used in Weekends With Adele in Las Vegas. ©Copyright Treatment, LTD. All rights reserved

Per the company, the new technology harnesses the power and resolution of 4K laser projectors to offer dealers a value proposition for projects that require exceptional performance and design flexibility for large, immersive viewing experiences. Created initially for large entertainment venues where visual immersion of the audience is imperative, CarbonBlack boasts a native 16 x 99-foot footprint, rolls up for easy transportation and handling, can be cut in any shape or size, and can be mounted via SI’s wide range of screen assemblies.

“CarbonBlack is a dream come true for large scale commercial venues. No one has ever seen a black projection screen that performs just like a white screen,” says SI Founder Ryan Gustafson. “Now dealers can sell massive native 4K+ images at fractions of the cost of LED light wall, while maintain the flexibility and upgradability for the future.”

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