Sharp/NEC Launches New 4K UHD Display-to-Display Large E Series

Published: April 6, 2023

Sharp NEC Display Solutions launched the brand-new E758 and E868 4K UHD Displays, as part of the E series lineup which already comprised the 32-, 43-, 49-, 55- and 65-inch displays. According to Sharp/NEC, the newly added 75 and 86-inch eighth generation E series is suitable for conference rooms and boardrooms.

The company notes the new E series displays are especially for businesses that need to increase their level of collaboration and productivity. Moreover, the displays are compatible with various signage applications and control systems across corporate environments, classrooms and retail spaces.

The E758 and E868 are also suitable in corporate meeting/boardrooms as well as huddle rooms. Here, they can display wayfinding, marketing messages, presentations, or video and photos for entertainment. Both displays also have the versatility to be used anywhere information needs to be shared, in a clear and highly visible way. Users can also tailor the feature content so that it fits the audience at hand effortlessly.

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Main Features

Compared to most competitive displays made out of plastic; these models come with a metal chassis for added quality and durability. They are thus less prone to overheating and damage and are highly resistant to corrosion. With long lifespans, the E758 and E868 displays are smart investments, the company adds. According to Sharp/NEC, the new additions to the E Series lineup increase ROI for businesses and organizations.

As for the visual quality, these displays feature a high-haze, anti-glare panel. This helps reduce reflection when light shines on them. Thus, it creates a better viewing experience with higher definition. Additionally, with longer run times, operating 18 hours a day, seven days a week, users can run content uninterrupted for extended periods. These new E Series models come equipped with both landscape and portrait functionality. Thus, they can adapt to any content and display preferences.

Featuring a USB player in which files can be easily loaded and played in sequence for signage purposes, they also include an integrated LAN port for network control over IP. This allows administrators to freely manage displays remotely and further promote ease of use to increase workflow efficiencies.

Much like the previous generation displays, Sharp/NEC’s 4K UHD resolution and LED direct backlighting of the models support higher visual acuity, reduced power consumption and localized dimming. This provides a higher dynamic contrast ratio. The E758 and E868 also feature dual 10W speakers, says Sharp/NEC. This permits users to enjoy high-definition broadcast capabilities.

As with all of Sharp/NEC’s digital display products, the E758 and E868 come with a warranty program. The E758 is available this month while the E868 will be available in May.

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