Sharp/NEC’s NaViSense AI Solution Helps Drives Better Business Insights

Published: 2022-07-29

In June 2022, Sharp NEC Display Solutions, a global provider of projectors and displays, in partnership with Guise AI, Inc., debuted NaViSense — a solution that leads to sharper audience insights and improved customer experiences across a multitude of industries. Utilizing computer vision, a form of artificial intelligence (AI) where computers can “see” the world, the technology analyzes visual data and then provides trends and key environmental data points to guide and inform business decisions.

NaViSense gathers and processes anonymous customer attributes using off-the-shelf or existing camera sources and edge computing devices such as RPi4. This technology also collects the dwell time of people in front of a display, as well as a variety of other attributes, such as their estimated age and gender, the brand of clothing they are wearing, traffic trends and more.

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The information collected by NaViSense adds value in that it can be used to improve customer experience and enhance decision-making at airports, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, banks and credit union branches, museums, and numerous retail settings.

Data is power so acquiring and acting on in-depth, real-time customer data—especially through automation and intelligence analysis—are now critical capabilities for these companies. NaViSense leverages these capabilities in meaningful ways by utilizing AI, partner ecosystems, and interactive tools that help these companies make strategic decisions and even automate aspects of their physical environments.

Its computer vision output is analyzed at the edge, and companies can make critical decisions in a matter of minutes. They can also optimize and even automate key aspects of their operations. Through the company’s established goals, NaViSense’s analysis help them identify trends and act upon them in ways that drive meaningful business results.

“NaViSense is an ever evolving, unique building block approach to gathering data and insights, allowing users to customize data sets and leverage off the shelf or existing dash boarding tools, saysKelly Harlin, director solutions marketing & commercialization, “Our customers are responding quite favorably to this approach and solution, as they will continue to be an important part of its evolution.”

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