SoundMachine & Crestron Partner for Seamless Audio Streaming for Commercial Spaces

Published: June 6, 2023

SoundMachine, the Los Angeles, Calif.-based, music subscription service for business, announced its integration with the Crestron DM NAX Audio-over-IP platform. The new integration provides businesses and integrators with a comprehensive, seamless streaming audio solution licensed for commercial spaces, ranging from retail stores and restaurants to offices, hotels and healthcare facilities.

Authorized Crestron integrators installing the DM NAX streaming audio system will also qualify for recurring monthly revenue options by joining the SoundMachine Partner Program. The integration with the Crestron DM NAX audio system brings a suite of unique features that improve the streaming experience throughout a commercial location.

Business owners can access SoundMachine playback controls directly from the Crestron app on Crestron devices, mobile, or tablets, or add a new zone to their listening stream for seamless transitions from one area to another. Users can also play multiple streaming sessions throughout the business of the same SoundMachine subscription. For example, a hotel can play soft music in the hall while more upbeat music is streaming in the gym, while paying only for one SoundMachine license.

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Users can mark favorite stations from their Crestron interface to have them added as a preset for certain zones of their establishment so that music content is readily available. Schedules can also be created using Crestron enabling program-specific content to play at set times with no manual intervention.

“We are really excited to add SoundMachine support to the DM NAX platform. With the combination of Crestron’s DM NAX hardware portfolio and SoundMachine’s music service, our customers will now have a truly professional solution for fully licensed music playback across a variety of commercial spaces such as retail stores, restaurants, hotels, corporate offices, and beyond,” says Ekin Binal, director, product management AV Solutions at Crestron.

SoundMachine offers over 500 curated stations and the option to import playlists from consumer services such as Spotify digital music service, Amazon Music, and more, providing the ability for businesses to customize their audio to match their brand and customer preferences. SoundMachine’s music content and features are now combined with the Crestron DM NAX system, allowing businesses to easily manage all aspects of their audio experience through a single interface.

“We’re thrilled to be integrating with Crestron DM NAX to offer an unparalleled audio solution for businesses of all sizes. Our collaboration with Crestron will enable us to bring high-quality audio experiences to more businesses and provide them with a reliable and convenient way to manage their audio and music settings alongside other room automation systems,” says Matteo Luppi, CEO of SoundMachine.

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