‘Techorating’ the WinStar World Casino

Published: 2014-07-10

The tactics casinos use to keep gamblers stuck in their slot machine, video poker and table gaming seats are legendary.

The lack of any clocks or windows, the steady stream of often complementary drinks, the overall audio visual stimuli buzzing all around, the extra-oxygenated air being pumped in (OK, this one’s a myth, but certainly many think it’s why they’re playing into the wee hours).

But talk about sucking people in — with everything offered above, and more, at the WinStar World Casino and Resort’s “Casino 360°” it’s no wonder people can sit for hours on end in the Thackerville, Okla., destination.

With dazzling visuals, audio, digital signage and other goodies, it’s also no wonder that Las Vegas-based integrator Egads has earned CI‘s accolades for their work.

3 Integrator Takeaways:
1. Don’t be afraid to reach out to integrator and vendor partners. The collaboration on this project shows what’s capable when specialized companies work closely together.
2. Don’t be afraid to push the design envelope. Techorating can be difficult to conceive for a hesitant client, but many will appreciate bold designs.
3. Automate where you can. The CastNET system practically runs itself, likely saving potential employee costs for the client.

3 End User Takeaways:
1. Think outside the geographical box. Many commercial integrators have national footprints; for a casino client, perhaps it made sense to look to a Vegas-based integrator.
2. Think about what will make you stand out with your own customers. WinStar has tons of competition, but none of them have Casino 360°.
3. Embrace social media. It’s another way to engage your customers.

Equipment Highlights:
Digital Signage/Video Wall Hardware: NanoLumens
Digital Signage Software: Alpha Video CastNET
Lighting: Traxon, Philips
Control: Crestron
Video Scalers/Switchers: Magenta, Kramer
Audio Distribution: Crestron
Speakers: JBL
Rack System: Middle Atlantic
Power: Tripp Lite

The WinStar World Casino lies on the Oklahoma-Texas border and at 519,000 square feet following an expansion last year now stakes claim as the world’s largest casino based on gaming floor space.

Part of that gaming space includes the Casino 360°, a 48-by-81-foot gaming room that WinStar touts as “offering a dynamic, interactive community gaming experience to Club Passport members.

The idea is to immerse players in the gaming experience with lights, social media, games-within-games and elaborate jackpot celebrations, all the while giving players more ways to win.”

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Egads, whose portfolio includes gaming clients such as Harrah’s, Bally’s and The Venetian, presented to WinStar in 2012 a concept for this unique “immersive” gaming experience, and planning and design for the project began in June 2013 leading up to its opening last November.

The end result exemplifies the “techorating” marriage of technology and artistic elements that pervades gaming integration, with two striking NanoLumens LED digital signage video walls highlighting the visuals.

The center video wall includes four sections that are each a little over 40 inches tall and 282 inches wide and together make up a 360-degree cylindrical screen that can show either one seamless video around the entire screen or four separate videos running simultaneously.

NanoLumens LED ribbon video wraps around the circumference of the room and measures 20 inches tall by 205 feet long.

The interior structure was manufactured and installed by Egads, and along with the NanoLumens technology, the room’s immersive presentation relies heavily on the CastNET digital signage content management software, Bally’s Elite Bonusing Suite software, Gaming Support jackpot celebration system and Egads’ lighting and automation systems.

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The market for video walls has expanded and so have the possibilities as these projects demonstrate.

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