Unilumin Metasight LEDs Shine at InfoComm 2023

Published: June 26, 2023

Unilumin Group, the Shenzhen, China-based manufacturer of LED products and solutions attended InfoComm 2023, alongside its subsidiary LAMPRO, from June14 to 16 in Orlando, Fla.  A number of its Metasight LED series products and solutions were on display.

Video Production Solution

At the show, Unilumin, together with its partner, Brainstorm, used the “backdrop + floor tile screen” to recreate a virtual-production scenario. The LED backdrop adopted UpadIV 2.6 with the advantages of high refresh rate, high frame rate, high brightness and wide color gamut, allowing the change of background at any time. Characters can be integrated into any virtual scene, and by this way, it achieves the effect of “What you film is what you get.” This solution can be widely used in news, sports, entertainment, film productions.

At the virtual-production stage, a digital human created by Unilumin digital content team made an appearance on the main screen, waving hello to the audience and attracting numerous fans to take photos.

A interactive voting session was also organized at the site. Visitors could vote for their favorite Unilumin products on their mobile phones, and the data was automatically presented and refreshed in real-time on the big screen of the virtual production stage, adding fun for visitors at the booth.

Unilumin Mini & Micro Series Professional LED Displays

At the show, Unilumin displayed several commercial and professional displays, rental and outdoor displays, along with its latest indoor Mini & Micro series displays.

Unilumin’s mini and micro series displays adopts fully flip-chip and COB packaging technology and has achieved automatic mass production with a full range from P0.4 to P1.8, which offers a variety of choices to customers. Products showcased at the site were UMiniIII 0.9 Pro as well as Micro 0.7 and 0.4.

LED Creative Display

Unilumin presented creative, eye-catching display combinations at its booth. The S-shaped curved screen and the LED cube built by UpadIV splicing with XS and XC appealed to countless visitors passing by. According to Unilumin, they presented artistic beauty and became the most popular products in terms of the styling at booth, displaying vivid images and decorating the space at the same time.

Unilumin Partnership at InfoComm 2023

Unilumin, in collaboration with Vū / MRMC, built the Unreal Ride experience area. Real props and LED screens were combined together to present a fusion of the real world and the virtual one. The overall solution not only increased the efficiency of filming, but also improved the experience to a higher level. In addition, Unilumin also partnered with rp Visual Solutions, Peerless-AV and Mount-it! Pro, providing them with large HD screens at their booths.

According to the company, it looks forward next year’s InfoComm 2024 show, June 12 to 14, in Las Vegas, Nev.

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