Userful On-Premise Augments Visual Networking Platform Architecture for Improved AV-over-IP Capabilities

Published: 2019-06-11

Userful Corporation will showcase the expanded capabilities of its Visual Networking Platform architecture during InfoComm 2019 in Orlando June 12-14 [booth 2548]. What that means is any content can be shown on any display. It sounds simple, sure, but it’s not as easy as you think.

To achieve this goal, Userful has ​enhanced the uClient app to support on-premise deployments by connecting webOS smart digital signage displays from LG Electronics to an onsite server.

That means an onsite PC or server loaded with Userful On-Premise software can connect over the network directly to smart displays deployed with the uClient app with no additional hardware required and in real time.

“With this platform, you can share any source anywhere on any screens,” says Userful VP of marketing Daniel Griffin. That capability is increasingly being used for collaboration but is also important for large-format displays and video walls.

“We want to consolidate marketing, KPIs and command and control on a single platform,” says Griffin. “Userful does them all in a centrally managed way through software on the network.”

Userful On-Premise with uClient can stream live or interactive content directly to smart displays in real-time on any display. It enables organizations to optimize interactivity through layout management such as picture-in-picture, multi-window and command and control.

Products to Pair with Userful On-Premise

Meanwhile, Userful Cloud, a hardware-free video wall that uses Userful’s uClient app to connect to LG webOS Signage displays, is another part of the company’s vision of replacing hardware with software-based solutions.

“The integration of Userful’s On-Premise and LG’s webOS Signage platforms provides a compelling solution for video communications across the enterprise, bringing a new level of flexibility and effectiveness by eliminating unnecessary hardware,” said ​Clark Brown, VP of digital signage for LG Business Solutions, in the Userful announcement.

“Organizations need the power of Userful On-Premise when managing advanced video communications that require interactivity or a large number of sources,” said Userful CEO John Marshall in the company press release.`

“The support of uClient on smart displays such as LG’s for Userful On-Premise makes those deployments more cost effective by eliminating additional  hardware, and also streamlines support and maintenance. By continuing to reduce the amount of hardware required, Userful continues to reduce TCO,” he said.

“It’s always been our vision to eliminate all unnecessary hardware,” says Griffin. “Software and the network are able to do so many different things. Our customers want to push it even further so we’re working on taking out those failure points.”

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