Userful and Sony Boost Corporate Signage with Integrated Solution

Published: December 8, 2023

Userful and Sony Electronics announced an alignment to advance visual communications for enterprise IT. This includes the certification of Sony’s Pro BRAVIA Displays with the Userful Infinity Platform and Signage Plus Solution, enhancing collaboration for the global enterprise. It also marks Userful’s entry into Sony’s Professional AV Alliance Partner Network.

Userful is provider of software-defined AV-over-IP solutions for mission-critical environments and core workflows, serving IT organizations worldwide.

The Infinity | Pro BRAVIA certified solution ensures that Userful and Sony have completed rigorous testing of the compatibility and reliability of the combined solution. Testing is completed end to end, from source to screen, from subnet to data center to cloud, from end node to network management interface, across multiple APIs. The alliance between Userful and Sony establishes a commitment to certify new features to support continued technology compatibility and enhanced customer experiences.

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“The integration of Userful’s uClient application on Sony’s Pro BRAVIA Displays running Android marks the beginning of a powerful alliance and Userful’s continued commitment to expanding our advanced AV solutions within enterprise IT,” says Dan Griffin, VP Infinity Platform, Userful.

“Userful’s innovative approach to solutions aligns with our delivery strategies and together we can further evolve Sony’s end-to-end digital signage capabilities while enhancing our compatibility and growing our Alliance Partner Network,” says Rich Ventura, vice president, Sony Electronics. “The certification of our Pro BRAVIA displays with Userful’s Infinity Platform instills confidence and dramatically reduces time and friction related to large scale display deployments for our community.”

Userful’s signage solutions leverage a flexible and efficient content delivery network (CDN) to distribute any media content for playback to a large number of displays and/or LED walls with high quality, while also offering an optional cloud-based CMS application. This architecture allows for applications to be deployed in the most cost-effective manner for their use case.

Key admin functions are centralized at the platform level including user management, role-based access, device monitoring, device management and emergency alerts. This allows IT teams to manage these in one place, while content management by users happens on different applications.

Userful and Sony have showcased their integrated solutions earlier this fall during OOH, New York and will also be demonstrating it in San Diego during the AV Tech Expo — a Sony roadshow event on February 5, 2024.

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