Valens, Logitech, Zoom on Flexible Work Trends

Published: July 24, 2023

While at InfoComm 2023, Commercial Integrator, working in conjunction with the HDBaseT Alliance, hosted a series of interviews with thought leaders from the pro AV industry. Here, editor-in-chief Dan Ferrisi chats with Valens’ Gabi Shriki and Logitech’s Sudeep Trivedi on videoconferencing, collaboration and flexible work trends. Trivedi’s explains in the video how any top-down mandate to force employees to follow a specific work pattern or behavior is not going to be effective.

Workers today want to be empowered. Indeed, today’s employees want to be in control of how they contribute to the company. That comes down to flexibility on where they work, how they work and how often they travel to the office. What’s more, employees are increasingly seeking to evaluate the benefit they get from traveling to a communal work environment.

Midway through the interview, Mark Barragan from Zoom joins the panel. He adds his two cents to the conversation on contemporary, flexibility-focused workflows.

Watch the full, just-under-nine-minute video below.

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