Video Weekly News: Why You Should Be Excited About NSCA’s Ignite Program

Published: 2015-12-17

If you attended NSCA’s Business and Leadership Conference earlier this year, you probably heard something about the Ignite program, designed to educate young students about careers in the AV industry,

And then you probably stopped hearing abut it for a little while.

That’s because NSCA was adjusting its approach. Now there’s a new three-person committee of “young” industry folks, who are traveling to high schools and job fairs learning just what it might take to get young people involved. Who are these three industry people? We think you just might know them, maybe even personally. Find out more.

Also happening this week on CI—columnist and AVNation founder Tim Albright becomes a Commercial Integrator contributing editor. We’re excited to have his articles on the site and in the magazine on a more consistent basis. This week his first of many columns was published. It challenges AV companies to come up with a social media strategy.

Hear more from editor Tom LeBlanc below.

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