Why Programmers Should Like AMX’s Massio ControlPads

Published: July 22, 2014

The quickest way to a B2B customer’s heart is to save them some valuable time, and AMX seemed to have that in mind when designing its Massio ControlPad Series aimed primarily at smaller rooms and classrooms.

During InfoComm 2014, AMX debuted the 6-button and 8-button control interface, which it says is ideal for any room where simple device and environmental control is needed with a powerful and easy-to-manage interface.

For programmers, perhaps the most compelling feature of Massio is its simplicity. It boasts an “all new installation scheme,” says Jeff Burch, senior product manager, “that’s much easier to install and much easier to remove if you ever need to re-label the buttons.”

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Massio ControlPads can be configured right out of the box using AMX’s Rapid Project Maker (RPM) cloud-based configuration tool with no programming required. The company says integrating a Massio ControlPad with AMX Resource Management Suite (RMS) software for monitoring and maintenance takes less than a minute. 

Using RPM makes programming of Massio ControlPads very simple, says Joe Andrulis, VP of global marketing for AMX. “There is no separate design tool that’s required. It doesn’t require any NetLinx programming. You get the full power of an NX Controller in a cost-effective, smaller package.”

Watch AMX’s Joe Andrulis discuss Massio ControlPad Series:

The AMX RPM-configured Massio ControlPads each feature a built-in AMX Controller for AV, lighting, HVAC and more. They feature LED-backlit pushbuttons that glow blue to indicate activity. The 8-button model has a rotary control knob with backlit level indicators to enable quick rotary adjustments of volume, lighting or other control aspects.

They’re available in black or white.

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