WyreStorm EX-70-G2 HDBaseT Extender Set Now Supports 4K UHD

Published: October 1, 2018
WyreStorm EX-70-G2 HDBaseT Extender Set

If you liked WyreStorm EX-70-G2 HDBaseT Extender, you’ll like it even more with the recent updates. It now supports 4K UHD, bidirectional RS-232, IR and CEC passthrough.

[related]According to WyreStorm, the running change to the current EX-70-G2 HDBaseT extender model makes it 4K ready and HDCP 2.2 compliant for point-to-point UltraHD HDMI extension with enhanced control options, while continuing to offer unbeatable value for commercial or residential applications.

In a press release, WyreStorm adds that Class B HDBaseT handles the reliable delivery of 3840x2160p at 30Hz 8bit 4:4:4 or both 3840x2160p and 4096x2160p at 60Hz 8bit 4:2:0 to 35m/115ft or 1080p 60Hz 48bit to 70m/230ft, with multichannel audio support up to Dolby Atmos and DTS-X.

More from WyreStorm EX-70-G2 HDBaseT Extender Control Updates (from press release):

The model update adds bidirectional RS-232 as well as its previously supported bidirectional IR enabling source or display to be controlled from either end, and CEC passthrough for one-touch on/off commands.  Connection to third party IR/control products is also possible by simply connecting a WyreStorm IR link cable.

2-way PoH power continues to offer integrators flexible and convenient PSU-free installation, enabling TX or RX to be remotely powered from either location depending on the needs of the application, which both simplifying installation and reduces potential points of failure in a system.

Version two of the EX-70-G2 also features auto EDID management and all within the same super compact 15mm chassis for effortless installation behind flush-mounted screens.

The result is a super compact and highly flexible 4K UHD HDMI extender solution packed with value-focused features and that trademark WyreStorm reliability, and at a price-point that’s even harder to argue with.

Find more on WyreStorm EX-70-G2 HDBaseT Extender Control here.

It’s slated to ship today with a US MSRP of $329.

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