Yamaha Unified Communications YVC-1000 Speakerphone Certified by Zoom

Published: 2019-10-14

Yamaha Unified Communications has introduced its collaboration with Zoom Video Communications, Inc. with the certification of the Yamaha YVC-1000 USB and Bluetooth speakerphone for Zoom Rooms. [related]

The speakerphone “has passed Zoom’s stringent certification process to ensure it seamlessly integrates with Zoom software, delivering an easy-to-operate meeting experience with the highest quality audio for everyone on the call,” according to the joint announcement.

“Zoom is the foremost chosen video communications platform for meetings today, and together as leaders in UC, we’re united in our mission to help organizations achieve meetings that not only sound great, but are easy to get started and run,” said Tatsuya Umeo, CEO at Yamaha Unified Communications, in the announcement.

“This certification is part of that promise and continues our long-standing collaboration with Zoom. Users can rest assured that our flagship solution, the YVC-1000, and Zoom Rooms will operate as one simple and unified bundle,” said Umeo.

“With Yamaha’s audio technology and expertise, the YVC-1000 will help us in bringing more powerful and scalable collaborations to our customers’ Zoom Rooms experience,” said Eric Yu, hardware partnership manager of Zoom, in the joint announcement.

More About the Yamaha YVC-1000 Speakerphone

Suited for medium and large conference spaces and multipurpose meeting rooms, the Yamaha YVC-1000 USB and Bluetooth audio solution uniquely features a separate intelligent microphone and full-range speaker unit that can be placed close to a display for naturally blended audio and video to enable full participant comprehension.

The YVC-1000 can daisy-chain up to five distinct microphones capturing up to 40 people and flexibly fits to various table layouts. It is capable of being paired with two external speakers and other microphone systems via an input jack for even more scalability in larger meeting rooms.

This scalable design makes the YVC-1000 an alternative to installed audio solutions for large conference rooms. Its plug-and-play design and auto-tune setup also allow participants to get started with audio optimized to the room conditions.

The YVC-1000 firmware that is compatible with Zoom Rooms will be provided for free in January 2020 at the Yamaha website.

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