ZeeVee Debuts ZVConnect Wireless Video Presentation System for Meeting Rooms

Published: October 7, 2020
ZeeVee’s ZVconnect wireless video presentation system allows users to seamlessly deliver content from most mobile devices to a monitor without loading drivers, apps or needing a WiFi network. Just plug the ZVconnect receiver into the video input of a monitor and then: 1) Connect the transmitter to your PC, phone or tablet’s video output 2) Select the content to be shared 3) Push the button on the transmitter 4) View the content onscreen 5) Begin presenting!

ZeeVee, Inc. has introduced ZVconnect, a two-piece video transmitter and receiver system.

It allows laptops, tablets, HD video sources and smartphones that support video output “to connect to remote displays instantly, automatically and securely without connecting to an office network or loading apps or drivers,” according to the ZeeVee announcement.

Available with either an HDMI Type A or USB-C input, ZVconnect transmitters auto-connect with receivers as far as 40-feet away (12.2 meters).

It provides for “a foolproof, reliable and robust connection carrying HD video and two-channel audio with H.265 compression,” according to the ZeeVee announcement.

The transmitter supports video display resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz while the receiver will scale for displays up to 3840 x 2160 @ 60Hz.

“This is a solution every user, and every AV and IT pro, can love,” said Art Weeks, director of product management at ZeeVee, in the company announcement. “It checks all the boxes – quick, easy and reliable to use.

“The system provides quality AV transmission and display and no concern for WiFi or network connectivity or IT security since there’s no connection with in-house networks and no software to load. It’s also affordable technology with a long lifecycle,” said Weeks.

More About ZeeVee ZVconnect

As many as 254 ZVconnect transmitters can be synced to one receiver. Receivers support side-by-side simultaneous display from two transmitters. Video transmission and display is initiated by pushing the large button on the transmitter, with display priority to the most recently selected source(s).

Other than a power switch, no other controls are needed. The receiver is compatible with a wide range of video sources and displays including BenQ, Dell, Haier, Hannspree, Insignia, LG, Monoprice, Optoma, Phillips, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, ViewSonic and Vizio.

The ZVconnect transmitter runs on a battery for up to six hours on a single charge and operates continuously when connected with the included USB power block. The receiver operates with an included DC adapter.

An optional charging cradle, capable of charging four transmitters at once, is also available.

ZVconnect is available for immediate shipment and is available through select distributors worldwide including DataVisual Marketing, in Ottawa, which holds the exclusive for Canada.

The price of the ZVconnect ZVCTXHDMI transmitter (with HDMI Type A input) is $483; ZVconnect ZVCTXUSB transmitter (with USB-C input) is $483; ZVCRXHDMI receiver (with HDMI Type A output) is $420; and ZVCCHARGE Charging Cradle (for 4 transmitters) is $473).

A starter kit, consisting of two transmitters, a receiver and all required cables, is $1,365.

For more information on ZVconnect, or information on applying to be a distributor, write to

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