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Does Artificial Intelligence Integration Belong in AV? Tune In for a Great Debate on Episode 22 of AV+

On episode 22 of pro AV podcast, AV+, hear David Danto & Chris Maione exchange thoughts on artificial intelligence integration & its place in the industry.

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Solutions360 Founder Expects Voice Control and Artificial Intelligence to Permeate Pro AV By 2020

Brad Dempsey of Solutions360 says the company is developing products that integrate Alexa and Google Home into pro AV installations.

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InfoComm 2018: AdMobilize Shows Artificial Intelligence, Audience and Crowd Analytics Solutions

AdMobilize returns to InfoComm 2018 showing off artificial intelligence (AI) and audience and crowd analytics solutions to enhance and optimize digital signage.

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How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Improve Your AV Installation Sales Force

Artificial intelligence is a brilliant resource for your sales force. Why don’t more AV installation companies embrace it?

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Artificial Intelligence Latest Innovation Going from Living Room to Board Room Technology

Artificial intelligence continues to show great promise, but integrators and customers must show great caution when employing it.

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AdMobilize, Ayuda Media Systems Partner to Integrate Artificial Intelligence-based Audience Analytics in DOOH Networks

AdMobilize has partnered with Ayuda Media Systems to provide its DOOH networks with Artificial Intelligence-based audience analytics and reporting capabilities as part of the Ayuda Platform.

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NEC Display Announces Pro Version of ALP Business Intelligence Analytics Platform

NEC ALP Pro leverages artificial intelligence to deliver ‘timely and relevant content for customers as well as provide enhanced metrics.’

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Johnson Controls Debuts Deep Intelligence Network Video Recorder

Deep Intelligence network video recorder provides ‘analytics with confidence’ in an age where information is more important than ever.

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Virtually Unstoppable! How Teleconferencing Continues to Evolve 

Exertis Almo’s Rob Voorhees reminisces on the evolution of teleconferencing and spotlights key areas of growth: hardware, artificial intelligence and meeting equity.

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AV Brains & Brawn: AI Types and Inner Workings

In the second of the three-part series, Alan C. Brawn explores the types of artificial intelligence as well as the technology driving AI models today.