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Finding Careers in the AV Industry Part 2 – One of the Largest Global Integrator’s Senior VP

Conversation with Craig Bonner of Kinly is the 2nd part of a series where we examine what it’s like to start a career in Pro AV.

Finding Careers in the AV Industry Part 2 – One of the Largest Global Integrator’s Senior VP

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Last week, we heard from Charmaine Torruella about how she quote unquote “fell in” to the AV industry and what she thinks needs to happen for it to be a more approachable space for the next generation.

This week, we’re hearing from a different perspective on finding a career in the space from another person who says he just basically fell into the job – this time, it’s Craig Bonner, who works for one of the world’s largest global AV firms, Kinly.

On Episode 139 of AV+…

  • This conversation with Craig Bonner of Kinly is the second part of an ongoing series where I’ll share some insights from some of the most accomplished people in the AV space – and since there’s not much to report in AV news this week, we’ll get to that conversation right now.

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