Colorlight Unveils ColorAdept+Z8t Platform, Color Management & Video Processor

Colorlight’s latest ColorAdept+Z8t platform delivers video processing, color adjustment capabilities and real-time monitoring for visual applications.

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Colorlight, the global LED control system solutions provider, has introduced the ColorAdept platform and Z8t video processor. The Shenzhen-headquartered company is known for its LED control systems technology, image processing and cloud network applications. Its latest software, the ColorAdept + Z8t video processor, delivers high-quality imaging, intuitive design, precise color control, advanced shooting methods and high-speed, low-latency transmission. Per a statement, the company’s ColorAdept platform recently ‘wowed’ global audiences at ISE and InfoComm 2023.

According to Colorlight, its latest ColorAdept platform redefines user experiences with a user-friendly interface with clear controls. Even beginners find it accessible for setting up LED panel walls, says the company; the platform’s UI is easy to understand and use.

Z8t, the professional display controller delivers ultra-high-definition quality and precise imaging. Designed with modularity in mind, the company says it supports various input cards, including broadcasting level IP raw media transmission ST2110, making it ideal for professional broadcasting, conferences and exhibition displays.

ColorAdept+Z8t Color Processing Tools

According to Colorlight, the ColorAdept+Z8t platform offers three color processing tools: Color Magic, Color Curves and 3D LUT for quick and precise color adjustments.

  • Color Magic: Enables the adjustment of predefined colors without affecting others, with HSV controls available for primary, secondary and tertiary colors, along with RGB gains for black and white.
  • Color Curves: introduces the ability to customize response curves for red, green, blue and white, allowing for fine-tuning at different brightness levels or grayscale settings.
  • 3D LUT: A commonly used tool in film production; provides precise control of full 3D color space, resulting in more accurate and vibrant colors. It seamlessly integrates with Color Magic and Color Curves for advanced color correction.

ColorAdept+Z8t platform UI Design & Workflow 

Colorlight ColorAdept + Z8t platform

Photo courtesy Colorlight.

Per a statement, the ColorAdept+Z8t platform has had a significant impact on clients’ businesses by simplifying complex processes and enhancing operational efficiency. Tech engineers, including beginners, find the ColorAdept interface easy to navigate, thanks to its intuitive graphic interface that incorporates the interaction principle of signifiers from design psychology, says Colorlight.

The platform is compatible with both Windows and macOS and has an option for remote system control via a Gigabit Ethernet network.

Real-Time Monitoring System

The ColorAdept+Z8t system continuously tracks various parameters, including input temperature, humidity, network cable errors, voltage, power supply and fan performance. In case of any abnormalities, the system sends email alerts, enabling 24-hour unattended operation.

A New Standard of Excellence

Colorlight says the ColorAdept+Z8t platform not only offers a humanized design, making it easy for clients to navigate, but also delivers exceptional image quality and precise color reproduction. Its innovative features have increased clients’ efficiency and output quality, creating an enhanced audiovisual experience for LED wall end users, the company says. The platform marks a remarkable leap forward in the world of high-end video processors, setting new standards of excellence, says Colorlight.

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