AEE Productions Upgrades Historic Church with EAW Audio System

Published: January 11, 2022

Atlanta, Ga.-based Antioch Baptist Church North officials recently greenlighted a full remodel of the historic house of worship. The officials tasked nationally recognized AEE Productions with designing and integrating all the new audio, video and lighting systems. Yergan Jones, president of AEE Productions, chose the new KF810P system from Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) for the upgrade.

Jones says EAW’s sound quality and versatility made it an ideal solution for the project. “…We have been using EAW gear for years on all of our projects including our high-profiled touring productions and permanent installations and have complete faith in their products and team,” he adds.

Enhancing Sound at the Church

Mark Howard, the VP of operations, headed the AEE Productions team’s design. Howard called for the installation of three EAW KF810P Line Arrays and three MKD1096 Loudspeakers for the gallery/choir fill. The project also incorporated three SB828P Subs.

According to a statement, the KF810P offers optimal output, true broadband pattern control, and integrated three-way performance, hallmarks of the legendary KF series, as well as a brand new iso-phasic HF waveguide.

Meanwhile, the MKD1096 is a two-way full range loudspeaker engineered to deliver the high output, broadband pattern control and exceptional fidelity that is required by real-world applications.

Furthermore, the EAW SB828P dual drive subwoofer provides direct radiating with optimally tuned, vented enclosures. Additionally, unique driver mounting maximizes cone area. This allows for the integration of an extremely low turbulence port while minimizing front area.

According to Howard, the new EAW PA system will run through a new Allen & Heath digital console. In addition to the audio system, the historic space recently completed its video and lighting upgrade as well.

No Bad Seat in the Building

Howard praises the easy audio installation by AEE Productions and EAW. “…Everything went extremely smooth. It all came together as drawn and we love the durability, crystal clear sound and SPL levels that this system provides. In addition, the flexibility of the EAW system is wonderful. From spoken word, to singing to musical performance, it just flat out sounds great. There is no bad seat in the building.”

Leaders at the 14,000-member church echo Jones’ and Howard’s sentiments. “Many of the components of our AV system were thirty years old or older,” Pastor K. L. Alexander, Antioch Baptist Church North, says. “Our sanctuary had ‘dead sound’ areas and places we could not see in the choir stand. An old friend of mine, Yergan Jones (and team) understood our congregation and facility. Their comprehension of the authentic worship experience is incomparable. Their combined knowledge of current technology and praise and worship was exactly the professionalism we needed. The upgraded space looks and sounds great.”

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Jones further compliments EAW’s support and service. “The sales and support teams were very responsive throughout the entire process. We know the EAW name carries weight in the industry, and we value the long-standing relationship we have with them. We were thrilled to work with EAW once again to bring pristine sound to such a historical house of worship. The Antioch Baptist Church North remodel looks and sounds incredible.”

AEE Productions is an Atlanta, Ga.-based event experience company while EAW is a loudspeaker systems manufacturer based in Whitinsville, Mass.

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