AVI-SPL Optimizes White & Case Office Space with Seamless Tech

Standardization backboned by a suite of Crestron solutions including Fusion, AirMedia and DigitalMedia has yielded more productivity and efficiency.

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As pioneering firm in its i-+ndustry, White & Case LLP is constantly seeking ways to streamline and improve communication and collaboration between employees and with clients. The company recently relocated its headquarters in New York City’s midtown Manhattan to a brand-new office space just a few blocks away.

Elegantly appointed, the new space is designed to help foster creativity and collaboration. The firm was committed to deploying the latest workplace technology to aid in that effort — and did so, thanks to a Crestron suite AVI-SPL solution.

Simplified Office Systems to Maximize Productivity

John Nunez, global audio-visual manager at White & Case, and his team, were charged with integrating solutions that would make it simple to book and release conference rooms, automate environmental settings to maximize productivity, and enable easy wired and wireless presentation within them.

It was also critical that the installed technology could empower the AV team to resolve any technical issues remotely to minimize downtime.

AVI-SPL worked with Nunez and his team to create a workplace filled with the most advanced and reliable room scheduling, presentation, room control, and collaboration tools available.

White & Case selected Crestron as the backbone for audio and video distribution as they felt it was the best in the industry, the integrator notes.

With this installation, the firm wanted to create a simple and unified solution where employees could have the same experience walking into an office in New York or an office in London.

The Crestron Suite Solution

The Crestron suite of room scheduling solutions feature an easy-to-use user interface, enabling employees to book meeting spaces easier and faster than ever before, according to the company.

Since implementing Crestron room scheduling and creating a more simplified solution for their employees, room utilization continues to grow over 20% annually.

With AirMedia, employees can walk into a room and instantly connect their laptops and tablets to the display and start presenting.

Many times when clients come into the space, they do not have the right adapters or cables to connect; AirMedia resolves this dilemma to provide users with an IP address that allows them to connect seamlessly.

Each meeting space features a preset mode that’s automatically activated when someone enters.

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Immediately, and all at once, the room displays power on, and lighting and shades adjust according to the amount of ambient light to create the optimal environment for every meeting.

Using Crestron Fusion, system managers in White & Case’s Global Technology Services group are immediately aware of any technical issues in the meeting spaces and can remotely resolve them, minimizing disruptions and maximizing productivity.

Additionally, the group has initiated lunch-and-learn sessions to ensure all employees are completely comfortable with how to use the meeting room technology.

The AVI-SPL Solution Impact

Management is so pleased with the new technologies that they’ve even opened their meeting spaces for use by clients, further maximizing room utilization. The advanced and reliable AVI-SPL solution allows for a seamless experience.

“We’ve gotten rave reviews. The clients that we have come in, when they come in with their presentations absolutely adore the fact that we have this technology,” says Nelson Martino, audio visual support specialist at White & Case.

Fueled by the universal enthusiasm for the meeting spaces in the New York office, Nunez and his team are updating over 40 other spaces with Crestron suite technology each year.

In fact, the New York meeting spaces now serve as the global standard for build-outs and expansions. More than 280 such spaces are already in use, with more to come.

“Conference room technology plays an important role in enabling our lawyers and clients to collaborate from all over the world. Crestron has enabled us to raise the bar on standardization, operation, and support of our conference rooms globally,” says Nunez.

AVI-SPL Solution Highlights

  • Suite of Crestron Products Including:
  • AirMedia Presentation Gateway AM-300
  • Fusion SW-Fusion-RV & RM
  • 3-Series 4K DigitalMedia Presentation System
  • DigitalMedia 128×128, 16×16 & 8×8 Switchers
  • 7- & 10-inch Touch Screens
  • 8.7-inch Wireless Touch Screen
  • Lighting & Shading Solutions